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    1. Woooooo we went to Hawaii.

      1. That may be true, but don't forget that a large portion of the cut costs are due to the lack of R&D on the part of the "generic" manufacturer.
      2. The seven day window is gone, yes. Why would I be screwed if the 7 day window is passed? Also, the iPledge number just goes to a recording.
      3. I went to my dermatologist on 4/6/06 and they upped my prescription to 80mg/day. That day, I also dropped off my precription to get my meds filled. Well, RiteAid (local pharmacy) said that there is an error in processing and it might just be that I need to wait 31 days before I get the next filling. I wait until the 31 day period is over. My current meds have been draining even quicker while this happens, since I started taking 80mg after my last derm visit, as opposed to 60mg. Now I'm down to
      4. Wait, you're on Accutane AND antibiotics, while also getting cortisone shots? And no, my derm takes a while to fit me in. Also, his office near my home is only open 2 days a week.
      5. I am not embarassed by my condition and I have it pretty bad. I openly browse this at work, people see the banner and ask me about it. I give them a gist about it. Most think it's weird, but they just simply do not understand. Heck, I even tell that I have met a wonderful girl on this forum that I fancy.
      6. KSAF, I know how you feel. I attended a top Computer Science university and my acne absolutely blew up. The 48hr+ "workdays", horrible campus diet, along with relationship bull just was not good for my skin. What is bothering you about your college?
      7. I have a lot in savings, so I think 50% (a 5 figure value) would be a bargain for clear skin that I will never have to worry about. Peace of mind is a very valuable thing. It would be nice if they toss in instantly and perfectly straight teeth, too.
      8. I work in a corporate setting, so yes. I think I am the only one with acne in this company, as most people are at least 30+.
      9. I hated band. I was in percussion in my middle school band (6th and 7th grade). This was waaaaay before I had acne, though.