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  1. You might not be noticing the difference, as it is gradual. Do you have any pre-Accutane face pics to compare with your current state?
  2. The new search is awful, and I HATE the new design..
  3. Apparently someone with a medical degree and a specialization in dermatology disagrees with you. Honestly, who do you think you are giving out medical advice? Accutane may not be perfect, but it's been a lifesaver for COUNTLESS people. People like you are not only misguided, but dangerous.
  4. I know Accutane roughs up your skin's healing process, so that could be it. It's possible that you had the scars before and are now just noticing them because your acne is clearing up, too.
  5. Where are you getting this information? Chemical peels actually help with scars, but can irritate the skin, making it more red temporarily. But peeling, or exfoliation, is good for scars--though it has limits.
  6. Is this common for rosacea sufferers? When I first wake up in the morning, my face is much lighter, barely red. It gets redder as the day progresses--usually after I take my hot shower in the morning, it gets to the "normal" level of redness. I would think it has something to do with blood flow due to lying down, but if I try lying down and not sleeping, it doesn't lighten up. Maybe it's only when I'm lying for a long time, like sleeping? Anyway, has anybody else experienced this?
  7. The only thing I found that permanently decreased the amount of oil on my face was Accutane. My skin is much less oily now.
  8. Accutane (which is not an antibiotic, by the way) worked for my acne. So far, nothing has worked for my rosacea. "Dan's Regimen" irritated the HELL out of my face. I despise benzoyl peroxide. It is liquid evil.
  9. Depends on what's causing it. Aloe does nothing for my redness. Couldn't hurt to try, though--it's very gentle.
  10. Benzoyl peroxide (Dan's regimen) does not work well for rosacea, as it irritates sensitive skin. BP made my face BRIGHT red. I can't tell if you have rosacea from your picture (too small), nor am I a dermatologist; but if you have general facial redness, but don't have acne--you should see a dermatologist. Acne makes it harder to diagnose rosacea, as the redness could be from the acne, but if you have flushing redness in your face without acne, it's very likely rosacea.
  11. Hi Blake. Your doctor prescribed you sodium sulfacetamide, commonly known as "Klaron," because it's both an anti-bacterial agent and a de-inflammatory agent. It treats both rosacea and acne, as it kills one source of the acne and tries to calm down your body's response (redness) to it.
  12. Quick background: I've had acne for a few years. I developed it as an adult (19ish). It worsened until the age of 23, when I sought treatment. I had pretty bad cystic acne and lots of redness. Tried all sorts of things: salicylic acid, glycolic acid, benzoyl peroxide, doxycycline, minocycline, clindamycin, finacea, differin and a whole host of other things like the tape method, baking soda scrubs, egg white masks--absolutely NOTHING worked. I asked threee separate dermatologists if they thought
  13. My best advice: CALL different pharmacies to see how much they want, when you get your prescription. You would be amazed how much their prices differ for the same medicine. Do not assume they will all be the same!!
  14. I finished a course of Accutane about six months ago. While I was on it, occasionally I would get these red bumps on my forearms and legs that were very itchy. When I stopped the Accutane, they subsided. But I got sick about two weeks ago, and the itchy bumps reappeared (less in number, but ALL over my legs/arms) and were VERY itchy in response to water, something that didn't happen before. I'm no longer sick, but the near full-body continues. Any similar experiences or recommendations? I don'