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  1. So I just ordered a tanda clear and I'm really excited about it. I've read a ton of reviews and it seems it really works, even spas use blue light therapy to help acne. I have pretty moderate acne, it's not cystic but there's a lot. I really struggle with papules postules black heads and the occasional nodule. Has anyone here had any experience with the tanda? How long should it take to work, if it does at all?
  2. I'm now on 100 mg of spironolactone (50 mg twice a day) for the past month. I've also had my period straight for the past month. this week would have been the first week off my period, but i started spotting again on thursday. My acne is absolutely awful. I'm breaking out on a regular basis right now in small papules and postules. I seem to be getting 1-2 cysts right around when I should be having my period. I feel like my skin is ok and healing at the beginning of the week but by the end of the
  3. I'm in the first week of my third month off bc now and on 50mg of Spiro. All last month my skin was mostly clear except for a few minor break outs up until my period last week where all hell broke loose. my acne turned cystic and I was getting a new pimple everyday. the cysts have cleared now but I'm still getting new pimples every day. I currently have 2 active ones and a ton of scabs. Should I up my dose to 100mg of Spiro? That's what I was on for the first month and I didn't really notice an
  4. So I went back down to 50 mg of Spiro about a week ago. My skin had been improving this week, less breakouts than usual though I'm not clear. My breakouts seem to be decreasing in size, this week I've mostly just been getting closed comedones and blackheads. Hopefully my skin will continue improving like this.
  5. I went on my period this week and have been breaking out like crazy. It's mostly in my forehead area, which is weird for me as usually it's spread across my whole face. I read that sometimes when you clear up it starts with your back, then chest, then cheeks, then forehead so I'm wondering if that's what's happening, though it could just be wishful thinking. I really hope this break out heals soon, I'm putting pure aloe gel on them and calendula and it seems to be helping a little, though they'r
  6. Hi there graceface! You may already know, but Spiro is not necessarily a fast acting solution by any means. Many reviews will tell you it got worse before better, just as most hormonal acne treatments. You go on the pill, same thing. 3+ months. The medication is working to block a certain hormone and it takes time to see the affects. It took me 3 1/2-4 months of consistently worse skin before I saw clarity. I started 12/2013 and around mid April, end of May my hormones balanced out. I do
  7. DIM can be found in health stores, or can be ordered online. I use Olympian Labs DIM because it's not mixed with other ingredients. DO NOT MIX VITEX WITH SPIRO. That's just insane. Why shouldn't I mix vitex with Spiro? Because they might interact with each other. Anyway, you should either stick to spiro or vitex, don't mix and match on your own. Ok thank you! I read that vitex didnt interact with anything but I'll try going off it and just doing Spiro. Is dim ok to do with Spiro?
  8. DIM can be found in health stores, or can be ordered online. I use Olympian Labs DIM because it's not mixed with other ingredients. DO NOT MIX VITEX WITH SPIRO. That's just insane. Why shouldn't I mix vitex with Spiro?
  9. So I've been breaking out pretty consistently the past week or so. My breakouts seem to be getting More frequent now and I'm not sure how to stop them. I'm taking one 50 mg of spironolactone in the morning and 50 mg at night. I'm also taking the 2 1000mg of vitex in the morning. When will the spironalactone kick in? It's been about a month now
  10. Where can I find dim? How long does it usually take to see a difference on it? Right now I'm on 50 mg of Spiro and im taking 2 1000 mg tablets of vitex. So far I'm breaking out as usual, no more but no less. I think the tretinoin was giving me a bad initial breakout last week as my skin has slightly calmed this week. I think it's been about 3 weeks on this regimen. I've removed the tretinoin completely after last week but I think I'll use it just once a week.
  11. Tarte Amazonian clay foundation is awesome and has a full coverage finish. It's pretty natural, free of parabens and silicons so it has a less likely chance to break you out. My derm also said that powder never clogs pores, I use one by physicians formula. Make sure the labels on your foundation say noncomedegenic, meaning it won't clog pores.
  12. I totally feel you. Were you clear on birth control? Because mine was making me break out. No matter what I do I break out! How long have you been on spironolactone for and have you noticed a difference? I don't know if I can go 3 months breaking out like this I'm miserable!
  13. I've been off birth control for about one week now (last week was my placebo week but I didn't take those). I got the paragard in and have been really crampy since. My dermatologist told me to keep taking spironolactone and upped my dose of tretinoin from .01% to .05% and I've been using that every night as I would be with the .01%. My skin is completely awful right now and has been for the past 2 weeks. I don't know what to do. Is this an initial break out or an effect of going off the pill? I'
  14. That's awesome!! So happy to hear it's working for someone. I'm actually getting some pretty bad side effects besides the acne and I've switched back to my old birth control for this week before I get my iud. im hoping the side effects will go away soon now that I'm off Yasmin
  15. No experience with dim though perhaps I should try that. Did you break out at all? Was the birth control causing you acne?