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  1. I have found that tanning works amazingly on my acne... First in High school when I had horrible, painful acne on my back (it cleared up after going tanning). And now, for my face. Its clearing up a whole lot since I started tanning again. I would suggest not putting the tanning lotion on your face though. I go without any.. but if you need it find some facial lotion with SPF in it. I havent burned on my face at all. And be sure that you dont stay in there too long. The place I go to now ma
  2. I don't know.. They said that it usually only takes no more than a week, but lately it has been taking alot longer. I wasnt sure if was going to stick with them, but after all the compliments I got on my make up (actually people just thought my skin was better) I decided it was worth the wait... I live in America and they are in London....
  3. Well.. from past expirence I know that tanning beds do in fact get rid of acne... I used to have really bad, painful acne on my back, when I started going to tanning salons, it cleared up. Also, my face is getting alot better since I started tanning again. But, Is it bad to use SA before tanning? I wasn't sure, so I have made sure to NOT use it before tanning, I apply it after. I looked on the back of the product and it didnt mention anything about exposure to UVA or UVB...so I don't know..
  4. Lilylolo.... Good price, great product.. on the bad side, it takes almost a month to get to me...
  5. I got samples of both the flawless silk and translucent silk. I liked both a whole lot.. but I like the flawless one much better... I got really good coverage from it...this is what I did.... I mixed a tiny bit of my dream matte mousse with a tiny bit of tinted moisturizer (used botanics tinted moisturizer). I put that on my face over green conceal (I used the concealer on my more red marks). Then I just brush a little of the finishing powder over that. The samples are 1g and I have had the s
  6. I ordered a few samples of Lily Lolo's mineral finishing powder a while ago.. I love it! The only thing is, it takes almost a month for it to get to me. I live in the US and they are in the UK. Is there anything as good? Or is it worth the wait?
  7. So.. for almost a week now I have been using the Green Cream ever other day after washing my face at night. Then on the nights I dont use the Green Cream I have been using my SA astringent and SA moisturizer.... Somone mentioned it might dry my face out too much, but it really hasn't... My skin looks so much better already....I can't believe it.. This Green Cream stuff is really amazing... I had also read that it might cause some irritation at first, it didnt even do that!!! I'm wicked e
  8. lol. I got it on cosmeticville.com..
  9. SO.. When I ordered my Green Cream they sent a free sample of Indian Earth mineral foundation (powder).. I wasn't going to use it b/c I dont like powder foundations. But... I put on my regular foundation (dream matte mousse), and then a little of the mineral powder foundation over it.. and wow.. it looked really good.
  10. I was wondering if there is liquid mineral foundation. I hate powder foundation.
  11. Have any of ya'll tried a moisturizer with SA in it?? I have been using Clean and Clear Dual Action Moisturizer.. it has SA in it.. I actually really like it..
  12. I do have hypothyroidism.. I know that alot of people that have it, usually start out without being overweight. Before they found out I had it, I was usually a little underweight. Then all of a sudden I gained alot of weight. I went from 120 lbs. to in a year 175 lbs. Anyways, It does cause dry skin. If you want to know for sure, its pretty simple for your doctor to test for it. All they need to do is draw blood and run labs... you'll have to fast before you get your blood drawn. I would su
  13. I ordered samples of the Green Cream Level 3 & 6. I just got it today, and started using it tonight. I really hope this helps. If I see some results, I am going to order a big thing of it. My fingers are crossed.. Although, I am see some results with what I started doing last week. The cleanser, astringent and SA moisturizer, then steaming and scrub once a wk. I think what I am going to do is: Use the cleanser and green cream at night, then in the morning do the cleanser astringent and
  14. Thats what I use now.. and I love it... My skin has actually been improving lately (not b/c of the makeup. b/c I use less makeup and not as much as I used to..) I havent had any of the problems other ppl have said they have... But keep in mind, different things are going to work for different ppl. Just b/c on person says it was no good doesnt mean its no good, it just didnt work for them...