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  1. I've just recently come back too. You're one of the blogs I follow so you're stuff came up in my feed. My derm put me on low dose doxy too, Aprillon in Canada. How are you finding it? I had awful painful breakouts at first but now I haven't had any huge painful ones like that in at least a month. I'm on month two. She put me on Clindoxyl too, clindamycin and BP cream. Does absolutely nothing. I'm finding the only topical treatment that works is slathering my face in Dan's BP and drying everythin
  2. I don't know how long I've been doing my regimen now, I stopped keeping track. Acnessentials clogs my pores, but I find without niacinamide my skin is oily. I had my testosterone levels tested and will see my doctor next week to get results. This was my psychiatrist that suggested I have that tested if I am possible PCOS, not my actual family doctor. I am disappointed my family doctor doesn't do anything unless I ask for it. I think I'm going to try to move my derm appointment to sooner becau
  3. I'm having the same problem right now. My skin is horrendous and my diet last month is to blame. I've always been able to eat whatever I want because I've always been thin and am having a lot of difficulty eating low carb foods for my skin
  4. CiciBabyGirl


    I got my results from my ultrasound from my doctor today. The findings are consistent with PCOS, but the changes are mild so a definitive diagnosis of PCOS can't be given. My doctor told me the best things to do if I have PCOS are heavy cardio workouts, low carb diet and stay away from sugary foods. If my periods continue to get longer, I will go back and see her and go from there. Its not going to be easy to make those lifestyle changes for me, but I'm trying. I've never had to worry about
  5. All I know is that vitamin A is one of, if not, the main ingredient in Accutane, and that can have some pretty serious side effects. Sorry I'm not all that knowledgeable on the topic, but if you are concerned about safety maybe its best to check with a doctor.
  6. CiciBabyGirl

    Week 6

    I'm going to focus less on the cause of my acne in this post and more on how my current regimen has helped my skin. The original reason I switched up my regimen is because I was getting small non-inflamed comedones, so little skin coloured bumps that when squeezed had stringy pus inside. I am no longer getting those I think the exfoliation and AHA is helping that. My skin is no longer oily as well. It was never overly oily before, but now there's nothing at all. The dryness has also i
  7. I feel a bit better today after my ultrasound. I booked a follow up with my doctor in a week to get my results. I did cave and use BP tonight though. I pretty much immediately regretted it, so I won't be doing that again. Despite having at least one new pimple every day, my skin is otherwise doing well with the natural regimen I am using. I haven't been oily or over dry in a little while now. The pimples will get dry and flakey, but the rest of my skin stays hydrated. My "treatment" cream, the n
  8. CiciBabyGirl


    I'm so frustrated I just want to cry. I feel like my doctor isn't taking me seriously. I have an ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow, but then I won't actually get the results for a few weeks. And if nothing is wrong, she won't call at all. But even if the ultrasound doesn't show anything, something is wrong! Run some blood tests to test various hormone levels or something. I guess I'm also frustrated at the amount of time this all takes. The more time passes, the worse my acne gets. I'm not exagg
  9. CiciBabyGirl

    Week 5

    Still no improvement, and my SAP/niacinamide cream is unavailable for me to purchase right now, and I'm running low. I started only using it in the morning so I don't totally run out. I am going to see my doctor tomorrow to ask about getting an ultrasound to see if I have PCOS. I'm convinced that's the problem, but this will either confirm or rule it out. I'm worried because I don't have the "classic" signs of PCOS, like weight gain or severe extra hair growth. I have some extra hair on my
  10. Yes I was completely clear except for the occasional pimple during my period. I was clear for probably a year. It only took about two months before it got bad and is just progressively getting worse. Well, when I first started applying things to my skin for acne, I was probably about 13? I had little pimples before but after my surgery to remove my appendix, my acne journey really took off. I struggled with acne all through my teens until I was about 21, then I went off birth control and started
  11. Go see a dermatologist and figure out what exactly they are and the best way to treat them
  12. Go see a dermatologist and see what they recommend you do. Better to go now and save the time you would spend guessing what to use. And don't listen to your siblings. My siblings made fun of me too. Now some of them struggle with acne too. Don't worry about girls either. You're only 15. The good ones don't run away
  13. I don't think you can give yourself acne like that, at least I choose to believe that. I think what you were trying to treat was just the beginning and you would have gotten to where you are now with your skin whether you used all those products initially or not. If you gave yourself acne by using those products, logic would say that once you stopped all those things, your acne would go away. It makes me feel better to think of it that way because I did the same thing, and I strongly believe wha
  14. CiciBabyGirl

    Week 4

    So I'm feeling defeated. My skin was perfect for a few days after my period. No new pimples. And now in the last two days I've had at least 5 new inflamed pimples. This is how I know it has nothing to do with what I put on my face or what I put in my body. If it had to do with either of those things, my acne wouldn't change so drastically. I'm going to try to move up my doctor appointment because once I see my doctor, I'll have to wait probably another week to get an ultrasound, and things are j
  15. I was so anxious and stressed for no reason. I forgot how wonderful my derm is. I feel like she actually listened. Because my skin is so sensitive and she didn't see any active pimples today (I'm having a good day), she prescribed me Finacea, a natural ish cream to help with redness, which is really my main problem. She said it can take up to 4 months to start to see improvement, but as long as its gentle, I really don't mind. I asked her if it could be hormonal because its just so strange