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  1. I am too scared to change any of my products. they have worked so well.
  2. i thought i was o.k. without the bp since i have been on the regimen for 6 weeks and clear so i toned down the amount of bp i was applying and BAM the acne was back.... i think i'm on this for life. that is o.k. though SO HAPPY TO BE NORMAL....
  3. that is what i do. i find if i let the bp dry before applying the moisturizer my skin gets way to dry and wrinkles. i just put a small amount of bp on then immediately apply moisturizer then if i do have the odd spot i spot bp over top of moisturizer. works for me 6 weeks on csr and clear (except for maybe a new zit a week) nothing compared to the 10 a week i was gettiing. this also cuts the time of the csr down to under 5 minutes. i also do not wait 5 minutes afer washing to ap
  4. has the regimen been on oprah? has dan been on. it has worked incredibly well for me. I have battled acne since a teen and for the first time at week 7 i am clear (beside some red spots which need to fade) my acne was mild but... annoying, embarrassing and painful i say we go on oprah and share this with the world. i have tried EVERYTHING!!!
  5. i do both. i put on bp then moisturize then were it has flaked off put on abit more bp. working really well for me
  6. wow, that is awesome. i am on week 6 and it is working for me too. i didn't have the guts to take pictures on day 1 but now that i am virtually clear save some redmarks i regret it. congrats buddy.
  7. benji14

    Day 2

    i went through the redness. lasted 2 weeks. just avoided as many social situations as possible. did not cut down on bp. i am now in week 5 and clear. no redness, or itchiness either anymore. the first week i wanted to scratch my face off but resisted the urge to touch it. since being on the csr i never ever touch my face during the day. it has made such a huge improvement. i am so grateful to dan for sharing this with us. it has honestly changed my life!
  8. keep it up. there will be water to wash even if you have to take extra bottles to fill up and wash with cold water. i know if i miss only one night of csr i break out and feel gross the next day. i can get up to 5 new pimples in one night of missing the regimen as opposed to not worrying about break outs anymore.
  9. since my skin has cleared nicely i have thought about stopping just to see.... but forget it. i am sure it would all come back. last thing i want is to have to start all over again with the redness.
  10. for me it started to work within the first week. now in week 5 and have had maybe 3 new pimples in the last 5 weeks as opposed to one new one a day which i was getting before the regimen. try it. follow dan EXACTLY.
  11. yes just slap it on thick and let it dry do not rub it in. works for me
  12. try not to miss an application. i find the skin needs to be exposed to it constantly to get used to it.
  13. i understand rubbing the bp in, in the morning because you have to face the world. but at night what works for me is i use finger full of bp and put it on generously and do not rub at all. takes all of 30 seconds. wait about 5 minutes and put the moisturizer on. then i spot bp on any active pimples over top of the moisturizer. i have gone from about 20 to 3 active pimples in 4 weeks. the new pimples are also just whiteheads and not big and sore like they used to be and they clear in a da
  14. Your acne sounds similar to mine, I would consider me acne moderate to start, but 0.1% tretinoin has brought it down to mild. I have one on my chest, 5-7 on my back, and a couple on my face. Before it would be 30 or so on my face, but alot of them small, and maybe 20-30 on my back and chest. Lab Girl, you are on tretinoin aren't you? Are you using it on your back and chest as well? I know you are very knowledgeable, do you know if retin-a micro is more or less effective than 0.1% tretinoi