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  1. strange that no-one really knows how BP works tho...
  2. have you tried salicylic acid? thats much less irritating than the regimen... in products like clearasil.
  3. Q. What if your acne will NOT go away?!? A. It may be time to see a professional. With a dermatologist's help, almost every case of acne can be cleared up. is that really true (here)
  4. it is... check here. i have a viral illness at the moment, so im sticking to paracetomol and ibuprofen
  5. according to the clearasil website "Clearasil Ultra" has the active ingredients Salicylic Acid 2% and some ""NORMASEB" - a blend of milk proteins that regulates exfoliation and sebum production and restores balance to skin". not much 10% BP in that?
  6. if my skin doesnt find it irritating to combine BP and SA is there any medical reason that i cant do it?
  7. do you talk to your friends/family/partners/pets about your acne? or do you keep it all inside? or only talk about it on this forum? do you find it hard to talk about it? personally, i talk about it to my mum... because she feels she has to give her opinion on everything and sometimes to a couple of my friends... but id never talk about the emotional effects... anyone else feel the same?
  8. the only time ive cried in the last 10 years was about a month ago, when the only girl ive ever loved had to fly home =/
  9. try magic mushrooms! they were really great... before i got ill and they became illegal
  10. he didnt say he met her on msn... he said they agreed to go out on msn.
  11. someone at my school committed suicide 4 days ago because of problems with his parents =/
  12. i ordered 3 about a week ago and theyre all "08/01"
  13. can anyone provide an idea of the risks/reasons not to use BP and salicylic together? because i want to.. but im not sure if i can. advice?
  14. if you get a lot of irritation at the start, then use less for a while, then try going back to a stronger dose later on, your skin should eventually start to get used to the BP.