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  1. I really want to thank you for your response and I would also like to ask, are there any other dairy with really low levels of lactose I could consume? maybe other lactose intolorent members can share dairy products they are able to consume? p.s. does that mean lactase enzymes can actually prevent the acne when consuming dairy?
  2. Hey everyone, For a long time now I have been trying to figure something out, and today may be my lucky day and one of you may actually shed some light on the subject and help me finally figure it out. So.... I have been consuming dairy my entire life, my acne/breakouts started when I was 17, when I grew up a little... around age of 20, I started noticing belly/stomach cramps which I did not have before, they occured after drinking a glass of milk/coffe, but the interesting thing was
  3. I am 25 years old and I have been trying to figure out my acne / breakouts cause for almost 2 years now, I give up because I cannot find the exact cause, I would really appreciate any ideas, connections, tips... Here are some details that may help you help me: My symptoms appears within 24hours or less after I eat certain foods, there are 2 main symptoms that bother me, one is red signs that appear on the skin and they form into whiteheads slowly and eventually come to the surface within
  4. This is all so confusing, I dont know how to approach this anymore, it can be billion different things. casein, saturated fats, histamine, gluten... >___>
  5. ScenicView, you're theory seems to make some sense, but I wonder how is it any time I eat pizza or yellow cheese / other kinds of cheese I get breakouts instantly, but when I eat 2 servings of farmed salmon (not even wild), in servings of 150-200 gr and drinking 1 cup of goat milk kefir, (both containing ALOT of histamine) according to what google says.. no symptoms and no breakouts, I am so confused. P.s. I have read everything about the sulfur theory, the list of high sulphur has man
  6. Been researching and reading about histamine before, This theory felt like a good one untill I asked my self a very good question... "If Histamine is somehow related to my acne / breakouts, how come I can drink 1 glass full of fermented goat milk kefir for the past 3 months and never broke out from it?", and yes it is on the high-histamine food list, because it is fermented. But I will read some more I guess..
  7. Hello, I have been struggeling and trying to figure out the causes of my breakouts / unclear skin for years now... Lately, I have tried to go on different diets like, dairy free, gluten free, low carbs, and I verified that diet connects directly to my issue because every time I start eating standart soups, vegetables and salmon my skin clears up totally.. These are the latest foods that caused bad breakouts on my skin around 12h+/- after eating them, please if anyone can see a connec