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  1. maggie I would advise temporarily going on an antibiotic until your skin is totally clear augmentin or any of the cephalosporins that cover skin are great in the meantime if u could get a hold of 4 onnilux clear-u handheld devices u can hold them on your face at once 8 minutes minimum kills all the bacteria with the setting on blue..do this twIce a day 12 hours apart is great 6 to 18 hours apart depending on your schedule.its fine to use these twice a day.I had moderate to severe acne which is
  2. hey I can help.have had 25 years experience dealing with moderate to severe acne.go back to your dermatoligist or dr. that prescribes your meds.and ask for a cephalosporin antibiotic as in duricef (cefradoxil) is generic 2 500 mg capsules daily.you need a broad spectrum antibiotic like this for severe acne.most importantly take 400 mg of ibuprofen directly with each dose of antibiotic.this will knockout acne completely until u develop resistance down the road tge ibuprifen is very safe moderate
  3. hey i mentioned this before to some people with acne that never relents.have your dermatoligist prescribe a broad spectrum antibiotic in cephalosporin class like duricef also great ones are cephalexin spectracef omnicef vantin ceftin cedax velosef ceclor.or you can use bactrim which is antimicrobial/sulfa but has by far most unwanted side effects.but most importantly. take 400mg of ibuprofen directly with the antibiotic youre prescribed twice a day for a total of 800mgthats 2 usualy twice a day.
  4. hi never have any acne injected with cortisone.there is a real risk of skin atrophy-dents scars dealt with this many years ago.I would wait a year or so and see if its healed right.if not I would get silicon 1000 injected in droplets injected into the dents/depressions easily the best treament by far for these issues.make sure your plastic surgeon or dermatoligist is very experienced in this because this is permanent
  5. hI,it sounds hormonal to me.I would go to the doctor and have your hormone levels tested and go on spironolactone if need be.you can try just tylenol right at the beginning of outbreak.many females gave great success doing that if hormone related good luck
  6. cool- your acne was just surfacing out.your skin should become better and better gradually. the big question will be when your course of the accutane and antibiotic are over how much of acne, if at all, will return
  7. hello ellsies the antibiotic your dr. has you on currently cefradoxil the generic for duricef works well no matter when you take it. the standard dose for acne is 2 500 mg capsules daily. this drug was astutely given by your dr. to avoid tetracyclInes taken with accutane can be very dangerous.I took the cephalosporin duricef youre on now wIth my 2 courses of accutan also in 96 and 98 had to keep mentioning that to just get the medicine to avoid increased risk of scarring while on accutane post
  8. I would have him switch you right away to a different class of antibiotics. duricef 2 500 mg will work much better without the side affects.if your dr. Is averse to prescribing broad spectrum antibiotics then see about augmentin.dont accept a precription for any macrolides as erythromycin and the others are weak and cause enough of their own side efects.good luck
  9. I was on it for months in 2001 for acne which it usually works well for.but I steadily had shoulder problems tendons, joints while on this.lost a bunch of strength during usage.this is known as one of the worst drugs to take that cause these issues.this antimicrobial drug helps prevent acne until u develop resistance. doubt greatly it caused acne for you. for your uti I would recommend any of the cephalosporins for this which work well and are much safer good luck
  10. If she had rosacea her doctor would have diagnosed it as such since doxycycline didnt help she needs to be on one of the broad spectrum antibiotics great for acne-like bactrim or one of many of the cephalosporins as in duricef or cephalexin etc... good luck ;
  11. No its the blue light wave length light emitted diodes leds.that destroys any bacteria on and underneath the skin.the sun provides this along with other colors in the spectrum that do not affect the bacteria that cause acne more importantly you should respond well to a home blue light device.i use the clear u omnilux handhelds 4 at once. Twice a day works very well for my moderate to severe acne.they ha c enht madet h ese for several years.but you can gf et some on ebay for 49 bucks dirt cheap t
  12. hello, for subcisions it all depends on the type of scarring and where it is located on the face.there is very little risk if any when done by an experienced plastic surgeon; provided u follow the aftercare instructions and take the antibiotic they prescribe you. As for saline injections, they are of temporary benefit for very superficial scarring..I did this every week myself from 2007 to 2010.very easy best to use a 29 gauge or 30 gauge short needle.when the saline is mettabolized by your skin
  13. You just need the doctor to switch your antibiotic. resistance to the doxycycline has developed. Acne will only get worse while still on it.dont settle for a weaker one like erythromycin ask for something different.good luck
  14. Its fine to take either of those before and during your subcision procedure. very prudent to stay away from accutane before subcision and a year afterwards minimum.due to skin healing correctly from new collagen formation
  15. Hey delistatus sorry for your plight.if u go thru with this treatment now your problems will be over check for now make appt. With derm right away request a broad spectrum antibiotic like duricef 2 500mg capsules daily and with each dose directly take 2 ibuprofen 400 mg.totalling 800 mg a day.your acne will then be eliminated until u develop resistance to antibiotic.other freat ones for u are cephalexin ceftin vantin ceclor omnicef spectracef cedax and velosef.trust me I c did this successfully