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  1. I picked up some Biotin too. I heard to prevent hair loss, you need to take 3mg of it a day. I'm not sure how that transfers from the mcg. one gram=1000000 mcg, so 1 mg= 1000 mcg. Yay, I knew all this ridiculous pharmacology math homework would pay off!! :dance: I take Biotin too...my hair has stayed on my head so far ; )
  2. you think that's bad? I went to my derm and finally got to see a PA instead of him. The PA actually answewd my questions about my dose...she said since I weigh about 150, I should ideally be on about 80 mg once a day for 6 months...not too bad, right? WELL. Consider this. It's been 4 months, I started out at 30 mg, then had such bad joint pain, I dropped down to 20 mg. So basically, she said at this rate, I will be on for about 2 years before I reach my cumulative goal. 2 YEARS!!!!!!!! WH
  3. Wow, SERIOUSLY My derm tried to tell me to stay off message boards, because the only people that would be posting are those with something negative to say. (it was hard to not laugh, considering how much positive feedback there is on here, among other great stuff) I told him if I relied on the information HE gives me, I would feel like a blind rat in an experiment. I'm so grateful for everyone's 2 cents, and especially for straight-up scientific shit that's not subjective...yay, board! ame
  4. I definately had bigger blackheads for awhile, worse on my nose and cheeks than i'd ever seen on me! i forgot about that, i didn't even notice when they went away, but i don't think it was like that too long! hang in there
  5. i'm about 150 lbs and i started on 30 mg for the first 3 months, my derm just dropped me to 20 mg, because of my joint pain. had no real IB, but my acne was pretty mild to begin with
  6. ant, i hear ya! the past 2 months, i feel like I have a hard boogie in my nose every second, and it's really just cuts inside my nose scabbing. so nasty. a couple nights i tried putting neosporin on a qtip up my nose, but, um, didn't work out well. so, i'm basically no help, but you're not alone!
  7. In utter frustration, I popped open a vit E capsule the other night and slathered it on (girls, it looks pretty hot, too), went to bed and woke up very very soft
  8. Well, I've been trying to make sure whatever I take the pill with has a decent fat content, if my dinner is kinda low-fattish, then I eat a tablespoon of natural peanut butter before taking the pill... Foundation, i use Clinique right now, but that Bare Escentuals stuff sounds kinda good, Diva!! Then I dab translucent powder and bronzer powder over it lightly I have to admit, about 6 weeks in, I started tanning again. "Only" once a week at most, but I just don't have the time or patience for
  9. yeah, it's like my face has to let every part have its turn being dry! WTF! Can't it all just get dry at once, then get better at once and be done??
  10. How much Vit E are u taking? I think maybe I don't take enough...I bought 200, but take 2 a day...still not enough?
  11. From the album: may 06n (2.5 months into it)

    red mar on left cheek was the only activity...gone today
  12. my skin 2 days ago on tane
  13. From the album: may 06n (2.5 months into it)

    This is a goofy pic, but whatever, you can see the skin
  14. Thanks, Notsobad!! AndD, I'm 2 and a half months INTO my treatment, so...3 and a half to go, I think. So far, the worst side effect is that my hip(s) are killing me. Everything else is tolerable, and even that I can live with. How u doing so far?
  15. Thanks Char!! Today I went out to a meeting with NO MAKEUP. (what??!?)
  16. I'm pretty siked on my skin today, and just wanted to post that. There's hope, people! I wanted to post some pics of my progress, but they didn't go on when I hit "add this attachment" You'll have to take my word for it!
  17. me too, Jim...ugh, my hip bone is the worst, on the treadmill, I will sometimes land on that side and think "I'm goin down, shit" because it's that bad! But like char said, anything (almost) is worth it at this point. I'm only 2 and a half months in, but you're RIGHT THERE!!! The end is in sight, that's awesome! I take Glucosamine and Fish Oil caps, and eat flax seed meal, which has omega-3, and i pop 2 Aleve a half hour before the gym...and it still hurts like a bitch. Oh Well!!! good
  18. me too...tanned a few times since i started...decreased the time i stayed in, i evn bought an indoor-bed-safe lotion with SPF 8. Haven't really burnt yet, but yeah be careful
  19. I've been using bausch and laumb eye drops, saline mist at night for my nose, and eucerin lotion for body...Aquaphor for lips! so far, not bad...
  20. I HATE tweezing my brows so freakin much!! anyone cheat and get waxed? if so, what happened? I already tested the "no-tanning" rule, and didn't get struck by lightning (or sunburn, for that matter), so i'm just wondering...
  21. 30 mg/day Day..? Maybe 7 weeks in, I think Skin is awesome, IB didn't really happen...yeah, very few "red marks", if u could call them that-no more than before!! Joint pain is getting pretty crazy. Dryness is bearable, Aquaphor on my lips is a godsend. Eyes dry. NOSE is dry, ow! Sometimes bloody. Nausea in the am for a lil while.... But seriously, who gives a F*&#%^?? I have decent skin!! WOO-HOOO!!!
  22. Actually, since I started, there is like a 45-minute period every morning when I think I really might puke, it's horrible! Obviously, I'm not pregnant!! I got kinda used to it. (I'm only on 30, by the way)
  23. I'm not a guy, I'm a girl!! Does my pic not come up? It doesn't on my screen, but i did add one to my profile, and when u click "card" thing, I can see it...? Whatever. yeah, answer the question, somebody!!! Am I doing more damage, or is it okay as long as I tolerate the pain?