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  1. Last year, the increased renal transfer operations According to the Ministry of Health, in 2013, 60 such operations have been carried out. For the treatment of patients with chronic renal failure, hemodialysis center was opened 9 new. At present, more than 30 such centers in 2300 hemodialysis sessions are conducted by the state. Ministry also said that over the past 10 years, the mortality rate of 5 thalassemia, hemophilia mortality decreased by approximately 2 times. The figures in the rele
  2. Unfortunately, there are some patients that category , do not feel the symptoms of the onset of hypoglycemia and lose consciousness immediately , some patients over time, weaken the sensitivity of these characteristics . This is a very important aspect : first, the need to monitor such patients kilometer sugar , hypoglycemia , because it catches them by surprise , and the second , just under the skin or muscle built qlukaqon pursue them ; thirdly , they have a lot of activities - driving a ca
  3. Let us now analyze the symptoms of hypoglycemia , it is impossible not to feel for them as opposed to high- sugar , there was no need for a device, but sometimes it is good . So are these signs : ZERO PHASE : a slight feeling of hunger - that hunger can be so light that you can not even distinguish between the false and the true . Therefore, in this phase should be prevented hypoglycemia and the role of cliometrician truly priceless. You can check blood sugar and 8 mmol / l, that are made ,