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  1. Hi all, For anyone who has taken accutane, where did you get your bloodwork done? I am trying to pick health coverage for my job but I am confused on which plan to pick. I am trying to buger how much this will all cost me. Has anyone gone to labcorp or places like that and paid for the bloodwork out of pocket? Trying to gage a worst case scenario.
  2. Palmina is that like Noxema? I just ordered 2.5 benzoyl. I used it as a spot treatment not all over my face. I will definitely watch that video. Leelowe1 she did test me for candida. I apparently have a large amount of strepoucocus bacteria. I try to be patient with her but i have been asking her to test my hormones and she says that it is very rare to have a hormonal imbalance that causes acne?
  3. I feel very confused. It seems whatever I choose is wrong. My recent visit with my naturopath left me feeling more frustrated than ever. She explained that I am eating way to much raw food. I drink smoothies for breakfast with mostly veggies not fruit. She said that according to Chinese medicine, it is very hard for the body to break down raw food. Well I started eating more cooked food and I feel that my acne has gotten way worse. I have had about 10 cysts mostly on my chin since my visit with
  4. Hi guys thanks for your kind words. LeeLowe1 thank you. I try to think that everyday when I look in the mirror. It's so hard. I hate how my acne controls what kind of day I will have. I feel that there are so many people with acne and I rarely see them. I feel,like I am the only one. Obviously I am not since there are so many people that suffer from acne. Leanna123- I have been on medicaid in the past (public healthcare). It is extremely hard to find a dermatologist that will take publ
  5. Hi all, I recently started breaking out bad. I am thinking it is because of coming off the birth control this would be my 6th month. My naturopath seems to think all symptoms should have been present on my 2nd or 3rd month. I am getting really depressed. Summer is here and I'm afraid to leave my house. I have one cyst on chin and one huge one right by my nose. Not to mention scarring as wll. I will have to schedule an injection. I trying really hard to go this route but it is so difficult.
  6. I'm glad you have found something that has worked for you. Keep us updated. I have never tried accutane but after dealing with acne since I was 13 (25 now) its something Im considering in the future.
  7. Please keep us updated. I never tried accutane but have been thinking about it.
  8. I had to go off the grapeseed extract and tannalbit. I ran out and my naturopath stated that she was going to change my regime so I did not purchase more to save me some money. However, I stopped last Thursday and have been breaking out since Sunday really bad. Deep cysts, 2 on my temples, one on jawline, 2 along hairline and one on back. I don't know if its bc I went off of the main medications. I am hoping it is. Canditrol I stopped bc it kept breaking me out. Then I read the label wh
  9. Have you tried tinted moisturizer? I don't know how much it can help you. That and setting powder that has not bismuth oxychloride or talc. Also I use organic cold pressed jojoba oil. It is great especially with the cold we had in Chicago. It has helped. I use filtered. Many people have luck with regular/ unrefined but it did not work for me. Hope that helps. Good luck!
  10. I am still on the same regimen as before (grapeseed extract, tannalbit, probiotics and added canditrol). Other vitamins include ginger, turmeric, vitamin d3, and zinc. I cleanse with sea salt water. I tone with witch hazel. I use tea tree oil on pesky spots. I also use Mario Badescu drying lotion.I use jojoba oil to moisturize. I stopped Yaz in December. As of now it is not too bad. I'm starting to get smaller pesky whiteheads and pimples. I have not gotten as many cysts as before whi
  11. Nina7788

    Day 150

    I know what you mean. I am 25. I missed out on a normal college experience bc my acne took over my life. I feel many girls take their skin for granted. They hope out of the shower and they are done. I can't do that. I have a whole routine morning and night. Ughhhh and so much money I spent and still spend on acne treatments.
  12. Nina7788

    Day 41?

    Your skin is looking better. Less red? What kind of cortisone cream did you use? Hang inthere
  13. Love it! So happy to hear your doing better. Its not silly (about you wanting to feel the sun on your bare face). I think many people take that for granted.
  14. Looks great. Looks like its healing. It depends how you pick I think. My back is scarred way worse than my face. I never touched any on my back bc I cant reach. My face though I do if I seem any heads only. Scars may be from the actual acne itself.