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  1. I started this regime 2 days ago, today is my 3rd day, and already I can see an improvement in not only my red marks but my active acne too. I really hope that if I continue it that it'll free me from acne and marks altogether.

    Just a question....can I crack open an egg and transfer the egg whites & lemon mixture into a small plastic container, and use that for a few days? Or will the egg mixture go rotton or lose its effectiveness?

  2. Here are some pics of my current skin.





    First of all, how would you evaluate it right now? Mild/moderate? Just redmarks? I had thought I just had redmarks, but looking at these hi res pics made me feel a lot less confident about my skin's condition.

    How should I go about treating this? Right now, I'm just using a Neutrogena Cleansing Bar, ACV, and Neutrogena SPF 15 Moisturizer and exfoliating every once in a while with St. Ives Apricrot Scrub with SA. I was on Dan's for about a week, but then I realized (or at least thought) that it was pointless since I only had redmarks and no active acne when I started, I should change my regimen.

    I'm thinking about using just a cleanser and the Neutogrena AHA lotion, perhaps with some ACV. Do I have enough active acne that I have to throw in something else?

  3. so I know peels generally aren't good for asian skin, but I can still use other AHA stuff like the neutrogena lotion, right? i'm pretty much clear except for red marks right now, if anyone has some other suggestions...

  4. I have mild acne. I tried to use ProActiv, but found that after a few days, I had some more whiteheads and it dried my face out ridiculously (my skin would get flaky and white). Suffice to say, I stopped using it and am in the process of trying to rehydrate my skin with lotion and stuff. After that, I would like to try another product, hopefully not with the 2.5% BP that ProActiv used, if that's what caused my skin drying out. Any suggestions?