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  1. Try drinking a lot of water for 1 week and see if you notice the difference. Also your skin is not even half as oily as mine. It can be worse, trust me.
  2. I would try with a piece of cloth and warm water. Also post pictures if you don't mind.
  3. Judging by the pictures you don't seem to be a picker. It took me 8 years to realize that picking makes my skin much worse. Do you have acne only on your cheecks?
  4. It isn't painful at all. It is just a white paste made of dead skin cells. The skin gets slightly irritated when I remove it as shown in the picture above. Explanation for the picture above: I was showering and I thought I removed the dead skin layer (I didn't have a mirror in the showed) so when I got out I realized there is some dead skin left and I decided to take a photo to show you guys what am I talking about in my previous posts.
  5. Here is how it looks like after showering with hot water.
  6. Yes, it is flakey and I have it all over my nose (and yes, it is worse on the sides where the nose begins) and on the chin as well. I can rub it off easily but it comes back in a couple of days so I don't do that at all. I have a feeling that my skin produces even more oil if I remove the layer which leads to more whiteheads (as if the dead skin layer works as an anti whitehead agent; it doesn't make much sense, I know). I am an athlete and every time I get sweaty people ask me what kind of cr
  7. I am facing the same problem and I have noticed that the best thing to do is to let it be. I don't use any products on my face anyway.
  8. Just give it more time and do not pick on it again if you don't like the idea of having a scar on your nose. The scrub will fall off by itself in a week or even more depending on how deep is the wound.
  9. I also do get these whiteheads but as you said, they heal pretty quick.
  10. I would try an alcohol free hair gel because I suspect the alcohol is the ingredient that causes breakouts. You can also try to make your own home made alcohol free hair gel. Just google it.
  11. A hair gel that won't break you up? NO HAIR GEL. Dude it's 2017, real men don't wear hair gel. On a serious note. Do you really need the hair gel?