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  1. can anyone recommend a good gentle-ish face wash to try to keep my mild-moderate acne away! I just really want a regimen with a simple face watch morning and night. would be handy if avaliable in the Uk too!
  2. i have now been on 900mg of pantethine for a month now and i have seen a very little improvement on the amount of oil on my skin but no real change for my acne! will it take longer to see big improvements on my skin or should i maybe increase the amount im taking?
  3. is no one on a similar regimen? also does it matter about the times i take the capsules because instead of having one 3 different times a day with food i sometimes have them all at once or 1 and then 2 will this matter much?
  4. hey im starting to taking 3 x 300mg capsules of pantethine per day for my mild/moderate annoying acne! ive been taking it since friday. has anyone got any tips on taking them etc... what will i expect? how long before i notice any improvements? is it ok to still use a cleanser on my face and can anyone recomend any to help keep my face/pores clean and oil-free that aint too drying!? thanks for any help Greg
  5. i have got everything to switch to this regimen from dans regimen but im scared to change! i have been on the dans regimen for over a year now and im worried my acne will get worse if i swap dans regimen has not cleared my face up 100% and i dont like having to apply the gel and leave it on all day and it makes my face oily! has anyone switched to this regimen from dans found that it reduces oily face and keeps ance away as good as or better than dans? should i or should i not swich????
  6. im thinking of switching from csr gel to Panoxyl 10% wash as im getting fed up of applying creams/gels and having them on my face all day anyone tryed this wash?
  7. ok gonna switch from dans regimen to this one as dans not 100% clearing me up! im gonna be using panoxyl 10 bp wash and c&c deep pore cream sa wash will probably do both twice a day and see how it goes, any last minute tips?
  8. i instead of the c&c blackhead scub i went for the c&c deep action cream wash which still has the SA because ive found in the past my skin does not like the exfloating beads will this still work ok with the bp wash?
  9. im gonna start this regimen very soon instead of dans. im in the UK so i can get the c&c blackhead stuff but the only bp wash i can get is the panoxyl 10% wash. will this combination be just as good? has anyone tried the panoxyl wash? will i get similar results?
  10. will it help will mild acne because im thinking of stopping bp? also is it available in the uk? thanks
  11. normally i apply a big thick finger of dans bp gel twice a day and was still getting the odd new spots all the time but last few days i just did the regimen once a day and found my face not to get any new spots! is this just a one off or mayb im using to much bp should i carry on twice a day but wiv a less bp
  12. twice a day morning/night keeping as close as possible to dans regimen im using pears soap, dans csr and neutrogena heathly skin spf15 with aha so far that combination of products are working the best for me although i dont really like the pears soap that much, sometimes i have a period where i just wash my face with water i find my skin getting better and i get no more spots!
  13. i have been on the csr regimen for over a year now i wash my face, use dans csr gel and then use neutrogena aha mositurizer. my most of my face has cleared up now and is great, its just around my mouth a bit on my cheeks/chin where i still get some nasty breakouts! is there anything else i could add or do to my regimen to prevent this!? i am a bit of a picker so when i do get the spot i end up making it really red any ideas? thaks
  14. i have been using at least as much as the picture shows but i will try even more! thanks