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  1. Hi Don't be scared of Roaccutane. There are many horror stories but that's because all the people who have great results with nothing bad happening can't be bothered to share the good news If for whatever reason you don't start accutane - you can try using Azelaic acid + Differin + Tetralysal. That's what I am doing, my skin too was too irritated by BP. I think this is a good combination as Azelaic acid both kills acne bacteria, changes the skin a bit to reduce the number of comedones and it'
  2. btw, duac has BP in it. You can't use it with lymecycline because duac also has an antibiotic in it and two different antibiotics at the same time is a no-no But that also means that you've used BP cream in the past. If your skin (and towels and clothes) could take it, I'd suggest trying quinoderm (or you can get that acne.org BP from the states). BP is going to be good for bringing the inflammation (and the bumps underneath the skin) down.
  3. First month is always rough, I bet the second one will be much better. Hold on in there.
  4. Hi I am sorry that you're having a crap day. Treat yourself to something nice. Or just play your favourite song aloud and dance to it. Anything that makes you feel better. Tomorrow's going to be a new day and it will get better. I decided not to log my experience. Over the years, I've taken antibiotics, retinoids etc so many times that, well, there's not much point logging every single thing I do Haha, it probably sounds like my skin is terribly bad. It's not, over last few years it's always
  5. Hi Everyone's skin is different, so all you can really do, is try things out and see how it goes. Change one thing at a time, give your skin a fair bit of time to adjust and se if it gets better. You might want to try SA wash instead of BP one, the you could also drop the SA gel. In my experience, the best SA washes are: superdrug one (and it's cheap!) or garnier (blue bottle, white ones are also okay but really pricey ). I am week 5 on differin (or something like that) and I think that diff
  6. Hey! How's going? Sorry that I haven't posted anything, been kind of busy. First things first - Seems like you are having great parties there I had a really good end of term party myself - lots of pictures like the one you posted, I'd say that even too many. Who said that you are not supposed to mix accutane and alcohol? Got lots of compliments, but that's just because I am hyper when I go out. People actually think I am on drugs. I am not. It's just me. Really. And your skin is getting bet
  7. I bought lypsyl two days ago and it seems quite good apart from the medicated smell. However, it leaves white residue. Or maybe I am overusing it, idk. Anyway, having white stuff on lips makes me look like a fool. And I really don't like that
  8. Hey! Sorry that I haven't posted for ages. I've been VERY busy revising for my exams. But now I am done. Yay! *does happy dance* I had just two exams this year; I am quite sure I did well in the first one and .. alright (I hope) in the other. I guess I will find out within a month or smth when the results will be published. Yeah, so I had basically forgotten about my acne. Firstly, because I was really busy. And secondly..
  9. Hahaha! Your dermatologist is funny! Then again I wouldn't want any of my doctors to be funny in THAT way I am super busy, I will write a proper post later. Still, keep on writing, your log is great!
  10. @klick - thanks for replying! I hope your post accutane period is going well. Your advice is always welcome @blueasyou - great username, btw I just posted on your log. I hope your skin clears up quickly. I haven't had a initial breakout (yet) and accutane seems to be doing wonders already. Hopefully, it will be the same way for you. Good luck!
  11. Yeah, I have used Dalacin T in the past and it didnt do any good. Also, using a single topical antibiotic is the best way for bacteria to develop resistance. So I am sort of surprised that your doctor prescribed that. Until your next doc appointment try using bp in addition to dalacin T. It will kill off the bacteria and unclog pores too (dalacin t doesnt do that). If you cant tolerate it, use it for spot treatment. The best one to get, imo, is quinoderm 5 (make sure to get 5 not the ordinary o
  12. I am waaaaay to lazy to take daily pictures. So I am trying to make some weekly. So far I've made two But I will make some more. Seeing progress feels sooo good after all So far I've got no problems with motivation, fingers crossed it stays this way. I found the irritation BP (and its ultimate bleaching power) much more annoying. Oh, the things we're ready to do to fight acne..
  13. I've heard the same thing about fish oil and joints. Let me know what does your derm tell you 0.5mg/kg/day seems to be an alright dosage. I am taking 1mg/kg/day - my derm thought it would be fine not to start slowly and seems that she was right Also, it might be worth asking your derm about taking accutane twice a day (splitting your dose in two), I've read that sometimes side effects can be alleviated this way. I can definitely see some improvement in the pictures. So it's working! *victor
  14. Minocycline is an antibiotic, differin and tazorac is a retinoid, they have different mechanisms of action and I don't think you can compare them just like that. It all depends on the type of your acne. But in general it is better to try other options before going for accutane. Accutane is not a miracle cure and it doesn't cure acne in a blink of an eye. So if mono-therapy has failed, next step is to combine before going for accutane, especially if your acne is generally mild.
  15. Firstly, it's up to your derm to tell you your options and help you decide. I'd say that a combination therapy could be a good shot. That would involve a topical retinoid (Differin) and a different oral antibiotic. Try it for at least few months and then, if it fails, accutane might be an option. Good Luck!
  16. okay, internet discussions are difficult. The drug information leaflet I was using states, that Epiphyseal Closure has been observed after using high doses of roaccutane for many years (exceeding recommended dosage, treatment duration and cumulative dosage). Note, nothing is said about such side effect while taking recommended doses. Now here's what I think: a dosage regime has been established, thus, noone should be taking high doses of roaccutane for many years. Here's a quote from the file
  17. Hey The daily dose doesn't matter that much. What matters is how much accutane you take during all your accutane course. So if you take less, you will have to take it for longer. I am sure that your doctor has calculated this. Small dose decreases the risk of side effects, the shortcoming is that it takes longer to work. I've heard that using vaseline can alleviate dry nose. But wait for other suggestions, I am not completely sure. Also, you do not want to get vaseline in your lungs - it migh
  18. Excuse me? You are kidding me, right? You are complaining about accutane inhibiting your growth and the the height difference between you and your sister is just 1''? It's just ridiculous. I even don't know what to say, sorry, but your logic doesn't make any sense. 1'' is not really a significant difference, stop searching for ways how accutane has damaged you. (hint, compare how much you and your sister weigh, I bet accutane has altered your weight too). You can prove that cigarettes increas
  19. Day 23 Skinometer: Lips: Dry, sometimes a bit painful, but easy to manage, though. Facial Skin: Non-oily (oh, I just LOVE this), fragile Acne (face): Mild/None Redness: Mild (I am used to it anyway) Dryness: Mild flaking Back: dry-ish, mild acne The side effects I experienced on ~day 19 are gone now. I hope it will not happen again There's nothing much to report. My skin doesn't feel dry and it's not oily either (I love it). The skin around
  20. Oh, be careful. My rash is now 99% gone, but now I am scared to use deo again. I need deo, really, otherwise I sweat (surprise, surprise), but what if I get some kind of skin reaction again? Thanks for advice, moisturizing helps - my hands got back to normal within two days. Yeah and to all the readers out there - comment and just say hi, we'd love to hear from you
  21. Thanks! Yeah, my skin is improving.. soft of.. After all it wasn't horribly bad to begin with :) Regarding vitamins and food supplements, well, I don't think there's anything you can take particularly for prevention of dry eyes. Use eye drops, try to find a brand that works. If this doesn't help, you might have to stop wearing contact lenses, if you wear any. Also, your dermatologist might decrease your accutane dosage. That means that you will have to take it for longer, though. As I have m
  22. Day 20 This is not fun - a bunch of side effects has hit me today Firstly, I've got these weird red bumps on the back of my hands. I guess I will have to start using hand moisturiser.. Then, there are lots of bumps on my skin. As if something would be surfacing... What is it exactly? Few days ago I noticed that blackheads/sebcious filaments on my nose had risen 'above the skin level' and I thought something like: wow, this means my nose is clearing up! Now, there are bumps on the rest of my
  23. That's cheating!!!! ;) :D I am glad to hear that your skin is getting better. Enjoy your holidays!
  24. I am sorry to hear about your breakout. I hope it goes away soon. Acne.. BE GONE! Also, don't think about it too much. Most of the people don't care about your acne that much. Good Luck!
  25. Try not using it. Maybe the reason you have dry lips is because you apply other stuff on it. I remember my lips going try when I was using chapstick a lot. I have tried not using chapstick, my lips are unbearable without it. If I even talk my lips will start stretching and cracking... Give it some more time. Also, try using different chapstick brand, because, from what I have heard, some indeed might make your lips more dry.