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  1. Oh good cus I have googled just for men and I only see it available in the UK, and I dont see it anywhere locally, only classic clean. The main ingredients in shampoo are ammonium/sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate. Other than that you have things that help it be lathery and then fragrances. Dunno why theyd put zinc in shampoo....and I dont know why there isnt some other source of zinc we can use instead of buying all the other stuff in the bottle, obviously not all of the ingredients on there
  2. is there any science to this stuff AT ALL? has anyone asked a dermatologist? it just makes no sense! why would billions of dollars spent on research and acne medications fail, while a god damn dandruff shampoo saves the day? and the only ingredient that does it is ZINC? why does it have to be in a shampoo??? does it really have to be head and shoulders for MEN? cant it just be any zinc containing shampoo? im sorry...but you have to admit this is quite insane
  3. I wish there was a "search by topic title" option....anyways does swimming help or hinder acne? ive heard mixed things. one is that it helps by drying out the skin, one is that it worsens it by drying out the skin (same as why long showers are bad)
  4. alright. would using soap on myself overdry my skin? and why is it that overdrying of the skin supposedly causes acne, therefore long showers = bad, when swimming is used to treat acne? or is that just a chlorine thing? i know its a lot of questions...but theyre all related and someones got to know!
  5. So Im 19, got bad back/chest acne. My face used to be terrible but its finally cleared up. Anyway...Ive always just used water in the shower...never soap. Could this be why I have all the acne? Should I start putting some on one of those body poof things (since I already have one)? Would I want to do this like every other day to avoid overdrying? After reading Ive decided Id use dove bodywash for sensitive skin. But maybe Ill try this head and shoulders thing too...whaddya think?
  6. hmm i have tretinoin..i thought it was just for the face?
  7. Alright cool, what are you going to use it on? It might be different for the face.
  8. ive always wondered about that. maybe the reason the sun is bad for peoples skin is because we avoid it so much and our bodies never figure it out...
  9. Like what? Seriously, give me all of your ideas! yeah its 14 cents a packet, too bad its about 40% of the RDA of saturated fat (remember there are 2 servings per package) and about 80% of salt.
  10. as much as you love having acne? So you buy natural peanut butter but instead of stirring you dump the oils out? Isnt the peanut butter really hard to spread that way?
  11. it easily can take more than a few months. mine took a little over a year (just in time for college)
  12. Havent been on this board in a long time, just thought id tell everyone to definitely try not eating peanut butter for 6 months or so. Over the summer my acne went away and I thought I was outgrowing it. I just got to college and wanted cheap food so I started making myself peanut butter sandwiches. The acne is back. Simple as that. Now I need some other cheap food....damn
  13. Hmm. When people get acne again after discontinuing the pill, is that because they would normally have acne anyways, or does the pill just postpone the acne? Meaning...if my body was meant to stop giving me pimples at age 20, but I take doxycycline up to that point...could I possibly still have a few years left of acne that "didnt count" because i was on the pill? I am also using tretinoin .05, but probably only twice a week.