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  1. There are sub types to rosacea. It does look like a reaction to me. Did you use a new product. Or scrub too hard? Or you mentioned cold weather and sweating and showering. All 3 of those together would cause increased blood flow. I hope that is all and that you don't get rosacea. It sucks!
  2. I will check it out. Is your youtube user name the same as this user name. link please *cough *cough I was thinking about you the other day. I have a son who is 19 and since he was 13 I tried over and over talking to him about his skin. Well....it would be so awesome if you made a video for teenage GUYS! So they wont be embarrassed about skin care. Or going to the store and choosing products. I have never seen a guy in that aisle. The products are generally in or near the make-up section.
  3. Here is a before picture and an after picture...since I cant figure out how to post it right here.
  4. dawnraine


  5. Just to give you a more omniscient perspective, metrogel has been reported to work in some but others have seen some negative side effects and actual worsening of their symptoms. Always research what someone recommends. If you've never heard of it before, there's a good chance the recommendation is bullshit because if it was "the thing" that's gonna fix everyone, trust me, it'd be all anyone would be talking about. Of course I understand. Although your response about "a good chance of being b
  6. I have some constructive criticism for you. I love youtube and find myself there often for help. I find that the shorter videos keep my attention better. First I wanted to say that this is very thoughtful of you to do. You have the background music at a perfect volume so that we can still hear your voice. I liked how you show the product. People like to see stuff like that. See exactly what it looks like. I would break your video down a bit. Shorten the length by dividing into separate
  7. Is that different from blackheads?
  8. Thanks megtree Do you know if they actually turn to stone. Because this is 100% hard like diamond. I am going to look up micromedones and macromedones.
  9. Oh I am so excited... I just googled Aloe Vesta. It is made by ConvaTec. They have an entire line up of skin care products. I love Amazon.com! I am feeling the urge to go SHOPPING. ETA: OMG! Super Excited! This stuff is super cheap in comparison to anything I saw at Walgreen's! ETA: OMFG! The 3-n-1 Cleansing Foam is pH balanced! I am having a little party over here all by myself!
  10. I do want to have it checked out. I am going to have to do some checking into my current insurance coverage. And yes, my experience with 1 dermatologist was a complete waste of my time. No, I have never had any silicone or any form of cosmetic surgery. It is fascinating and scary that sebum could harden to rock form. I use baking soda to exfoliate my skin. It really tightens my face. Then I use Metrogel for my rosacea. That is all. Any other products that I have tried are an epic fa
  11. The first one was about the size of a half a grain of rice. I dropped that one. Color is off white and they are round in shape. not oblong. Here is a pic of the second one. Significantly smaller than the first one was. I will try to post a better photo when my daughter comes home with the camera.
  12. I am new so what do I know. I vote if the fluid is coming out that is a sign it may be working its way out. Have you iced it? It looks painful.
  13. Oh thanks for making my day! I might try. I would boil the water first since our hotwater heater has a safety guage on it. Maybe the sandpaper will just bleed out my rosacea vessles for me. LOL
  14. Thanks for this post! I was also wondering about the aspirin and salicyic acid theory. Before I try... I am trying to read and learn about the skin Ph level.