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  1. Well i posted about a week ago on my acne situation 6 months after accutane. I stated that the pimples on my forehead and nose began to calm down but now they are starting to come back more then ever. Before/During accutane and up until about 2 months ago i never got pimples on my forehead or nose, now im getting them more then anywhere else. Grant it, most of them are small but i still feel like my face is farrrr from perfect. I dont have as much oil as i used to but its progressively been
  2. As some of you older members may have known, i went on accutane from March 13th, 2006 to the end of August 2006. The last 3 months of the treatment was the best ive ever had in my life acne-wise. There were ZERO pimples, ZERO oil, and i could go to work not being self-conscious about my acne. Unfortunately, thats where the story stops being so good. Right after i stopped accutane, the oil slowly but surly started coming back, although not as bad as before. It's been almost 6 months since
  3. havent updated in a long time..no need to!! July 7th-Day 110 Side effects- really dry lips back ache a little some joint pain OTHER THEN THAT ITS SMOOOOOOOOOTH SAIILING. I love accutane. I just hope my bad skin doesnt come back. MY LIFE NO LONGER REVOLVES AROUND ACNE!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I consider myself an accutane vet even though im only almost done with my 4th month. THIS STUFF IS AMAZING. Whoever created it should win the nobel prize. After 3 months i havent got a legit pimples since then. Oil is almost all gone, and my skin does not break out at the slightest touch like it used to. I used to get a guranteed pimple if i touched my face at all, now if i touch it a litlte its no big deal. I had mild acne and this is working great, i just hope it lasts. If u have mild a
  5. i use hydrocortisone cream for my lips since im on tane and got great results. Corners of my mouths are NOT ripped for once, but the derm said ill get steroid acne if i use it too much so i only used it for like 3 days and now i use aveeno intense relief lip balm (blue stick).
  6. what are u talking about? Pure aloe 100% is great. I use it for a moisturizer and i use it as aftershave too. I shave first, then wash face, then shower and then put aloe on and it works great. I also use it as my shaving cream! And hair gel, and sunburns. Aloe has many uses but it does NOT cause breakouts. The colored ones used for sunburns do, but the 100% pure clear, fragrance-less ones do not break u out.
  7. i didnt get a huge IB. Maybe 4-5 small new pimples in the first couple weeks but nothing i hadnt seen before. The IB/side effects are the most overrated things ever!! The only side effects people usually get are dryness, and joint pains. Its the other ones that have a 1:10000000000000000000000000000000 ratio of happening that scare everyone off.
  8. so im on track if ill finish at 132? Is that too high or too low or is it good.
  9. me too i hate that. "Who gets chapped lips in the summer?" and u just have to play it off like its natural. But aquaphor sucks. Even one of the nurses at my derm said it's vaseline in a small tube. She said it helps normal people but for people on 'tane you need something more penetrating. She gave me this stuff with hydrocortizone in it but told me to only use it for 2-3 days until my lips go back to normal and then use something else to maintain them (i bought aveeno intense relief blue
  10. i have a theory. I think the yelowing of teeth comes from the excess soda/junk foods that you eat while on 'tane because they no longer flare ur acne. I have been drinking, unfortunatly, probably 3 times as much soda as i was before 'tane because now it barely flares up the acne. Before i would get a whitehead after a large amount of soda. Now i drink as much as i want and end up with at most a tiny whitehead or a small bump that are both barely noticable.
  11. maybe now u cant wait, but trust me after they start u hope they wont get worse. My lips are at an all time worse right now with small red circles of dryness/irritation in both corners of my mouth. Also it seems like my lips are reproducing themselves every hour. I have to peel the excess skin off every couple or hours!! Hopefully u dont get this side effect and instead feel the 'tane working by small joint paints cause i promise they are a lot more tolerable.
  12. thanks guys i think im gonna buy both of these just to test the waters and see which one works better. I have small red circles in the corners of my mouth b/c those areas just keep peeling and look gross if i dont peel them. If the drug store doesnt have the cortibalm ill ask them to order it and in the mean time ill get the aveeno one. BLUE stick.
  13. Ive read on here and other websites that a high cumulative dose is ideal for accutane. What exactly is a cumulative dose though? Does that mean like ALL together? Can someone clarify this up for me, thanks.
  14. Ive read on here and other websites that a high cumulative dose is ideal for accutane. What exactly is a cumulative dose though? Does that mean like ALL together? Can someone clarify this up for me, thanks.