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  1. Yup, that's basically what was happening. I don't think Accutane is exactly the same as Vitamin A, but Vitamin A is the main active ingredient in Accurate. I had no idea back then, but now I know.
  2. No problem. Always want to help. If you ever need some advice or just need to talk, feel free to message me. Even on your worst days, keep on with this. Some days you may get a breakout and want to just dissappear, at least that's what happened to me when I was lazy and skipped a day sometimes, but make that your motivation. Like, you see a new pimple or get a breakout, just make it your goal to kill? them all with BP and AHA. That reminds me, you can get rid of emerging new pimples by coverin
  3. Oh man, yeah I've heard of and seen what it's like now over there, nothing like the sunny days here in California lol. See, I think the regimen is the best example of the saying "it'll get worse before it gets better" because it really does get worse at the beginning and then gets better. The bad part which that is, is dry skin obviously, that's the most common thing. Itll get better and you'll lose the acne, maybe not all of it if you have severe acne (which you probably don't since most hav
  4. Ideally, SPF moisturizer should be worn every day if you're going to be out. Although, I quickly found out that any decent SPF that was not as shiny and greasy as an oil slick would dry out my skin by the end of the day and become flaky the next. So I looked into it and found out that the chemical(s) they use will dry you out, that's why they mix it with moisturizer now, but it still doesn't work well like it should. Once your face has gotten used to the regimen in a month or two, then you can t
  5. This is what you should do today. Go to Target, CVS, RiteAid, Walmart, wherever, and buy a nice rich moisturizer. That will be for night time use only because you want something as moisturizing as can be and it won't matter how shiny or greasy looking it'll be, since it'll be for when you go to sleep. For that I recommend something like Cetaphil moisturizing lotion, their creme, or Olay Sensitive Moisture Therapy Lotion. I can vouch for this olay one, I just got out yesterday and some up today w
  6. Thanks. What about Jojoba Oil? Seems to have always popular here.
  7. So lately my skin has been more dry than normal and it has just stayed this way. It'd starting to get flaky again and what I'm doing is not cutting it. So for night time, I want a moisturizer that is the best and will get my face supple and nowhere near dry again. I'm thinking a creme like from cetaphil, but the reviews complain of clogging pores. Also, I'll be mixing half and half with AHA+ so it has to be able to mix well. Just whatever is the best moisturizing product, I don't care if it will
  8. The title probably doesn't make sense, but I think it'll work. I've been on the regimen for more than a year now and using supplements for maybe half that or more now to help with acne and related issues. When I began, I quickly found out how Vitamin A had such success stories and this and that. Well they were true to an extent. Combined with other supplements, it really worked and was a huge success. Prior, I had hit a plateau and was not getting better, but then once I began with A, Zinc, and
  9. You're not alone. Everyone will go through this numerous times throughout the regimen and especially when you begin. I've been on for more than a year now, but lately I've not been totally clear, mostly because of laziness and inconsistencies in my routine, but I need to get back on 100%. Anyways, the dryness should get better in a couple to few weeks. During the winter and dry months, your skin will be as dehydrated as California lakes are right now . Make sure to use a thick and rich moisturiz
  10. Wow thanks so much for all that info! Luckily, I don't have cystic acne, never have, and hopefully never will. So do I need to worry about those food allergens you listed early on? What about gluten or histamine/liberators/low histamine stuff you listed?What about DAO too? Do I need to worry about eating just low histamine foods or avoiding histamine liberators I do have pretty bad allergies though, to normal stuff like trees, grass, dust, dirt, to make it easy, nearly everything in nature or
  11. Scoops of it? I just looked at the wiki page of it and i see it as like flowers and "pods" that look like big weird arms. Do you mean like you have it ground up or something? Also, how do you take it? Do you eat it straight up, or sprinkle it on food, or what? Can it be made into tea too, and still get the full nutrients and benefits of it?
  12. Im on week 19 of the Regimen, from where i used to be (moderate/severe acne), ive improved tremendously. Im still getting some isolated acne though, a new one maybe every couple days... by the time i am clear, a new one comes, or when one goes, the next day i get a new one... super frustrating. So, to give an extra push to finally being totally clear and stable at that level of clearness from active acne, im going to finally totally change my diet since i hear so much about how powerful it can b
  13. Im on week 19 of the regimen, and while ive seen amazing results, ive got yet another bump in the road. So, in the morning, i cleanse, spot treat with BP and then apply regular Cerave face moisturizer. By spot treat, i mean i just apply a little bit of BP to a few or couple individual pimples or emerging bumps or small areas. Nothing bigger than the thickness of a fingertip. Then, i wait a few minutes for it to fully dry and i apply face moisturizer on my entire face, except my forehead which on
  14. Im on week 19 of the regimen, and seem to have hit a plateau kind of effect. Ive discovered witch hazel and it piqued my interest. From what ive read on reviews here on acne.org, it seems to do the same stuff that AHA+ can do, like clear blackheads. Should i try it, or will it interfere too much and make me worse since im on the regimen? Any feedback or experience with it? Thanks in advance!
  15. Have you noticed any difference with taking B5? I want to start taking it, but i hear good and bad things about it. Pros/cons about it, anyone?