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  1. Any males have any good results with saw palmetto? I am taking a prostate thing with a bunch of stuff like, zinc and saw palmetto etc. Please share any stories of saw palmetto use, males only pls.
  2. I have in the past. Not recently tho haha Seen a video of a girl with cyst all over her butt, I imagine that would be terrible.
  3. You ever have an inflamed cyst that HURTS.
  4. Yeah I realized that after I posted it, sorry. GOOD LUCK.
  5. Looks really similar to mine except I have it on both sides and cyst on neck. I think it's just normal acne.
  6. Right now no one in my family has acne, they all seemed to grow out of it. My mom said my dad had bad acne tell around 20s and seeing him now he has perfect skin. Hoping the same will happen to me, though I am sick of waiting.
  7. Had the same thing, I got scared and went to the derm. He said it was normal while taking accutane. Anyways you scare me, my biggest fear is that I will live most my life with acne. I'm 18 now and still have it just really depressing knowing that there are people out there in their 40s with it still.
  8. That is very weird, I think I will try it. Also op please keep this thread going really like the idea. Suggestions- Saw palmeto, curcumin, zinc, sleeping in a perfect sleep schedule (going to bed at least before 11pm). GOOD LUCK.
  9. You talking about blackheads? They suck maybe chemical peel could help you? if you use accutane for clogged pores and and whiteheads,i think you should think about it, because accutane may not work on closed comedones or something like that but may not.i can give you example from mine,i'm in 5 month accutane treatment,first 3 month 40 mg,4. month 50 mg and now i'm in 5 month 1 day and i didn't see any result,recovering,changing on my skin,they're exactlye same as before.Maybe after 5 month m
  10. Yeah that sucks, when you have acne you wish you could just get rid of acne, then you want to get rid of scars. Then we live the rest of our lives scared of acne coming back. xD
  11. You should try a gentle wash in shower like dove deep moisturizer body wash, really good. I did same thing when I was a kid, had couple pimples and went crazy with face washes. xD I think accutane can give me a fresh start with my skin hopefully I will be able to keep it away. You talking about blackheads? They suck maybe chemical peel could help you?
  12. I never tried ice, but I have tried taking a rag soaking it in really hot water and pressing it on cyst. It really helped me makes it go away a lot faster.
  13. Not washing my face doesn't help me, but washing my face doesn't either. Just trying going in the middle and washing with something gentle like dove, something as simple as going to bed at a earlier time has helped me a lot.
  14. I am going on a second course of accutane, before I do I wish to have a couple chemical peels. Question: How long would I have to wait after chemical peel(s)? Question: Would my skin be too thin to go on accutane after chemical peel? Question: Has anyone had experience with this, if so please tell me what happened. Don't need to read this if you don't want to: I am already prescribed accutane i am just not taking it because I want to get chemical peels to help old scars and pores. With my e