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  1. Hey, thanks for reading my post, I was beginning to think it was a bit long winded. Its a bit strange knowing that so many people are actually going through this too, I felt so alone when I first started the treatment, as all my friends skin seems to be 'perfect', thankfully, in a few weeks time, mine will be too.... yey! Is there not a photo on my profile, I thought I had added it? Good luck with your treatment, and make sure you stick with it... sometimes I feel like giving up because it
  2. Hey guys, first time I have ever really been on this website, and well, I suppose I'm trying to find out what sort of side effects people have had whilst on Roaccutane. Here is my story so far..... After over 10 years of suffering from acne, I have now got an appointment to see a Dermatologist, this is much needed after trying several types of medication over the years. After asking my Doctor to be referred on, I am told there is a year's waiting list. I come away from my Doctor's Surgery a