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  1. Great. Happiest i've felt about my skin in ages. Just over 1 month on accutane an my skin is pretty much clear )))))))))))))))))
  2. @anthonykell thanks. I'm pretty sure the lighting was too bright. also do you think ill get any more break outs? im at the 1 month mark so do you reckon ill just stop breaking out?
  3. i do have acne. it's just the lighting was super bright so my red marks look invisible. i'll try get some more pictures up.
  4. here is my 25 day progress on 40 mg accutane. done my best to get good pictures but the lightings a bit off ahah. anyone know how i can reduce the redness on my cheeks? thanks
  5. stick with it. just think how good it will look in 4 months time! (excellent) also i'm realy suprised your on such a low dose. i'm 14 with a average weight with mild acne and i got started at 40mg... weird. anyway you're nearly at 2 months which i've heard is when skin slowly starts to get better. good luck! (pardon my grammar)
  6. to be blatently honest if you're gonna take any form of 'tretinoin' (which i believe is isotretinoin or accutane) it would be by taking tablets. but if you don't start seeing results then definatley see your dermatoligist about accutane (pardon my grammar)
  7. dude your skin looks great i'm really suprised you're still on 30mg tbh, because i'm only 14 with mild acne and my derm started me on 40mg... weird i suppose. anyway yeah it's pretty much downhill from here, you should starting seeing improvements in the next weeks or so. stay strong man.
  8. hey. you breaking out is probably just the accutane pushing out all the impurities. basically it has to push out all the old pimples for your skin to start clearing. i'm on 1 week on 40mg a day so we're probably at aroound the same point
  9. So I'll be taking my 4th 40 mg of tane tonight. When do you think I'll break out? I'm on erythromycin with the tane do you think that'll stabilise it?
  10. Hi acne.org this is my first post Anyways I was wondering what would help me the most with my oily skin. I have fairly mild skin but to be honest the worst of my acne is suprisinly on my dry areas. I'm on acne medication ATM and I was wondering what would help my skin from being oily? It's only natural that my skin is oily because my dad has oily skin but my mum has dry skin so I guess I've got my dads genes. ANYWAY basically can you tell me what's good for it I don't really want to moisturis