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  1. Wow!! thankyou all for your responses!!! I will research the derma rolling some more. Bonsai, if I had a picture of my scars close up before I started all of the treatments I may be able to answer that, my pigmentation is worse I think. I guess when you look at your scars everyday you dont notice a difference unless it is quite significant. After my laser I saw no change. The dr did three different types of laser on me in the one session, it was very very intense. I could smell my skin burn
  2. Hello all, I would love some advice on how I could improve my scars and skin colouring. Open to try anything! I haven't had any treatments done in 5 years after going through a horrendous laser treatment which cost me thousands. I have also had roller treatments and dermabrasion and fillers pervious to the laser. I am sure that with all of those y scars have improved over time (8 years since my acne stopped) but I dont have pictures of my skin that far back. Anywho, if anyone has any su