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Heya guys

Before last year i had mild acne but now i m getting severe acne with cysts, papules and pustules so I signed up to acne.org.

Anyway i have stopped eating dairy, fried, oily, processed, sugary junk to see if there are any improvements. I have also just started eating low gi carbohydrates and fruits. The other changes I have made is that I exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. I have included a blog to record any results.

I have tried the Ayurvedic diet plan which didnt work out at all however it might work for you. Who knows?

Hello i have been on this diet with no dairy cutting out gluten refined grains processed but i still have acne. I have decided to just invest in some oil free make up to cover my face and cover up the rest of my body in clothes. I have no money to fund a healthy lifestyle. Perhaps when i have a job i will be abe to fund a health lifestyle and find the cause of my acne