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  1. Hello, i have been away for a while after doing alot of research I have discovered that the cause of my acne is leaky gut + histamine intolerance . High sugar + caffeine diet + junk = Leaky gut = hormonal imbalances + histamine intolerance+ damaged gut= food allergies+sensitivities = acne I am planning to do a 2 water fast then a 3 day slippery elm, licorice tea, pepperrmint tea fast. Afterwards I am going to consume a half onion each day as a source of prebiotics and then introduce an
  2. So many cysts, scabs , pustules. It just looks so red and so many friggin marks and holey scars
  3. 1. Eat a healthy low gi diet limit sugar . 2. Your acne looks quite mild. 3. Drink licorice tea 3 cups for a short period of time. And lots of water. 4. Instead of birth controlthere are other herbal supplements usch as milk thistle, red clover, chasteberries also konwo as vitex 5. Eat fresh food not processed, fried. 6 For hormmonal acne use either DIM or Vitex or both. 7 Clean your liver with herbs and spices. 7a- Drink of tumeric and black pepper . Things to consume - burdock root dan
  4. Doe anyone else obseesively pick at the skin. Today there was a pustule on mmy nose after pcking at it I now have a huge black scab on my nose. Is there anything you can do for this besides seeing a therapist or someone
  5. 1. Be consistent with products + patient 2. The list below may improve appearance of scars but this is mainly for hyperpigmetation+ red marks. 3. Sorry for any spelling errors 4. Be careful with acids not recommended for darker skin people and make sure your not allergic to any of these - test it on skin 5 Oils can be comedogenic Hyperpigmetation- skin lighteners Top ones Uva ursi extract- arbutin ( bearberry) licorice extract licorice + niacinammide tumeric Soy glycoylic acid Me
  6. licorice or uva ursi extract. In london available in the good life and the health store tooting Or ebay
  7. Ok so waht i though was pih was actually a cyst and i has to be the garlic as that is the only new thing i added into my diet. This is so frustating!!!!!!!!!!!!! The cyst from broocoli would be on my back but this is on my cheek
  8. I break out from all dairy and I have to kinda eat what my mum cooks so those foods are off the list Ok so i had broccol i break out in cystic acne with more than 10 g of brocolli couple a days o before i had 80g of broccoli which resuled in a mountin sized cyst and a hive on my leg The following day I had broccoli but one clove of garlic coooked before eating the broccoli and one raw 10 minutes afterwards and no cyst or hives. I thought it was too mild of an anthistamine to actually work b
  9. Ok a diet of just cabbage , carrots, salmon , chicken, split lentils, chickpea pancakes with a little honey, little broccoli, apples and sesame seed bar cleared me up for a month But I stopped because this is way too restrictive for a long term I found nuts as well as citrus, dairy, pesticide filled pulse flours and brown flours from grocerys as well as food with addictives in them made my acne seriously bad I also found that anything at all histamine relasing will cause my acne even berr
  10. Hello I am sri lankan so I guess we have a similar diet. The diet that kept me clear was eating brown rice, pancakes made from chickpea and channa dal flour. It was lightly cooked on the frying pan- half a teaspoon of olive oil was used to make 6-8 pancakes. With rice I ate carrots, little boccolli cabbage, red split lentils and then late I ate a 20p sesame seedbar from tesco and two apples. I also ate chicken and salmon. The diet kept me clear for a month however I stopped because such a di
  11. Well that great if you dont have cystic acne then you dont have to do the low histamine diet or worry about food allergens. Yes it is the caffeine thats bad llike i said i had just a case of mild acne before and have always been under stress however the caffeine just worsened my problems I have a list of problems including severe acne due to the depletion of b vitamins making it impossible to eat histamine rich food and histamine liberators. I drank tea twice a day before but tea is low in caff
  12. Look into antinflammatory, anti histamine, antioxdant foods - garlic- antihistamine- very anti inflammatory start with one clove berries- acai berry, acerola berry - high in vitamin c - chammonile tea anti histamine and reduces stress Cinnamon - no more than 2g otherwise toxic - caretenoids- beta carotene: carrots, sweet potato - Querecitin rich foods- lovage leaves, apples - black pepper and tumeric drink- anti inflammatory - cumin seeds - a teaspoon Anti inflammatory s
  13. Have a low gi / low gl diet. Low gl basically looks at the quantity of food your consuming for example people in asian countries consume white rice (high gi) however do not have acne becuasse they consume it only in small amounts. Remove corn products- corn is high gi, there are some fruits such as watermelon and cantoloupe that can break people out becuase they are high gi. Dont go for instant oatmeal look for steel cut oats or traditional irish porridge which will have 100percent wholegra
  14. Hello I did try the raw food diet and my skin became realyy bad on my back , face and chest. This is mainly becuse I was eating a lot of histamine releasing foods such as tomatoes, spinach, aubergine, green tea,as wll as things I am intolerant to suchh as citrus and nuts