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    MUSIC!!!!! if you want to know anything about music or talk music stuff, im the guy moohahahaha. going to shows. driving. thrift stores. bookshops and libraries. subway and starbucks. record shopping. ANIMALS! Zoos and Aquariums!!!! Snowglobes!!!! baseball go dodgers! mugs. x-box. nintendo 64. sega genesis and saturn. race car games(especially midnight tune),Baked Lays!! talking to new people. playing golf. hanging out with friends. sitting back listening to music. discussing life in general or beyond and about people. laughing and joking. chewing on guitar picks...
  1. Agent INKY

    Recent pics

    Pics of non visible acne. Only under direct sunlight does it show little visible redness.
  2. that is THE most hilarious insert that i have read on this entire site! HAHAHA!
  3. im esitmating from 10-15 dollars. im not sure. it depends where you go. i dont know if all rite-aids do this but they have it for only 5 bucks!! have you checked all the stores? you should be able to get it online as well.
  4. i had the same problem as you did. im about over with my second week and i had a breakout which is dissapearing with positive results. i suggest you go with eucerin as well. it makes your red marks dissapear as well as dryness. i saw very good results in 2 days.
  5. the ones that are shown are the ones that are recommended. you decide on which brands to choose. some brands are different from others and the results are different as moisturizers go.
  6. did your skin ever feel dry even though it didnt look that dry?
  7. hello. ive been using the CSR for a week and experinced dry skin like the rest of the folks here and i have a couple of questions regarding cleansing washes and bars. i would like anyones' input on the purpose of using a cleanser, the effect that a cleanser gives, and which type/brand cleanser works best for sensitive skin. thank you.
  8. yeah i love that show. except for those parts. bastard. hahah.
  9. yes. that is exactly what i meant. thank you for specifying surfer. they cry over for one little pimple. i was watching that 70s show and eric was complaining just for one. its stupid.
  10. tv shows and cartoons start talking about acne and they make fun of it? ahhh.
  11. sweet. im going to do some research on it today. thanks.
  12. well it comes with a full months supply of pills to take, one for the day and the other for the night. you just simply take it every day. it also comes with this "vanishing cream" to apply anytime you want to treat and prevent acne. the ingredient contains benzoyl peroxide at a percentage of 5.
  13. hmmm. yeah you still breakout alittle. i hate it when a product says you will see results in like 2 to 4 weeks, then its past that and your like wth. i guess the product is ok. do you know of any type of moisturizer thats good for sensitice skin?
  14. anyone using natures cure two part acne treatment and have you seen any positive outcomes from it? ive been using it since december and it cleared up my skin a little. i just have like a few spots here and there. the cream dries up your skin though.