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  1. My derm told me that the best way to get rid of the blue dye from fraxel is to moisturize the face really well as much as you can in the days preceding treatment. She said that pure safflower oil is the best moisturizer. I looked it up on the internet and found out that safflower oil is completely non-comodegenic, and it may even assist in unclogging pores.
  2. Lawgirl, have you had good results from your 5 treatments? Any advice?
  3. What a worthless post. WHY did you feel the need to share that you have the attention span of a gnat? I get the vibe from your post that you don't like India. Good story nonetheless. You're quite mistaken; I intend on going back. I'd rather live in India than in America any day.
  4. My nightmare came true when I took my first train trip in India. You might like this story... In India everybody stares at you. I'm already self-conscious enough because of my acne and scars, so being stared at relentlessly on a train for twelve hours is a bit much. So I went into the bathroom to make sure my concealer was doing its job. Before I go on, let me mention that although I'm not a big makeup fan, I've used concealer for 14 years now because, being extremely fair-skinned, my acne
  5. I'm really disappointed because I thought it would dry, and that I could use it to fill in my pitted scars. Unfortunately, it only makes an obvious difference on small scars, like ice picks or scarred pores. Using enough to fill in pits prevents it from drying, and it leaves those areas sticky and reflective of light- making the scars even more noticeable. I was hoping it would be a product that wouldn't show, as I hate looking caked-up.
  6. I have to disagree with you. You can perform martial arts and meditate on the glory of God. The Psalms are full of verses about meditation. It really comes down to where your heart is. If your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, don't you think that taking good care of it by being fit and aware to the fullest capacity are important? Perhaps you should question yourself as to why you believe these things. Too often the Church pushes beliefs that are based on legalism, dividing controvers
  7. I don't know the names of the permanent fillers. I know there's one from Denmark that the Europeans use. It starts with an A. Also, I read a post here a while back that Colombia has incredible physicians that perform amazing procedures that aren't available in the US. The best thing is that Colombia (and surgery there) is cheap, and you could make a vacation out of it. I sometimes wish things didn't have to pass through the FDA. Sometimes I wonder how reliable it really is...
  8. Try looking at co-ops for organic, simple cleansers that aren't full of all the harsh crap they put in conventional brands. Ingredients like chamomile, queen of the meadow, and aloe are all soothing and won't irritate most skin.
  9. You'll find some photos in the FAQ at the top of the scar forums. I think you have shallow, pitted scars. Your skin tone looks nice, though. Perhaps you should try getting some filler injections to fill out the indentations. Unfortunately, the US doesn't offer permanent fillers, but if you like to travel... sky's the limit! Good luck.
  10. I just bought this product after hearing everyone ranting and raving over it. I'm using it to fill in acne scars, but it leaves my face too sticky to use under makeup. I'm I applying it wrong? How long should it take to dry? One of you mentioned applying concealer over it, but how can this be when it's wet? Thanks, all
  11. Have any of you tried saunas for treatment of acne? My brother swears on it, but I feel claustrophobic in saunas...
  12. It's been my experience that only people with acne are really bothered by other people's. All of my boyfriends have had flawless creamy skin, and have thought that I'm beautiful regardless of my flaws and scars.
  13. I just bought this product after hearing everyone ranting and raving over it. I'm using it to fill in acne scars, but it leaves my face too sticky to use under makeup. I'm I applying it wrong? How long should it take to dry? Thanks, all.
  14. One of the most esteem-shattering moments in my life occured a couple years ago when I ran into my first boyfriend after not seeing him for a few years. My acne flared up for a year after we broke up, and left some pretty bad scars. So when he saw me after a few years, he looked at me and exclaimed, "what happened to your face! did you fall in some rose bushes?" Now I'm always afraid to run into people or friends I haven't seen in a long time. Scarring can be so crippling.
  15. About to undergo fraxel. I need to find a strong, non-oily, non-acnegenic, non-retinol, non-irritating, soothing, etc., etc. moisturizer/sunscreen that will be compatible with laser treatments. Any suggestions on what did or didn't work out?