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  1. Just wondering, are you asian?Literally every spot for me, whether I pick or not leaves a mark so my face is absolutely peppered If so, be prepared to have hyperpigmentation for a very long time. I'm coming up to a year and still have the remains of some hyperpigmentation. As for the active acne, you've probably tried a lot at this point but try retinoids if you haven't and give them at least a couple of months to see if things improve, perhaps couple them with some antibiotics like I did.
  2. I'm in a very similar position to you. Although I am older, just stick to a regime and exfoliate twice a week or so. Wear sunscreen I have a feeling we are just going to have to wait this out. What ethnicity are you by the way? If you are asian like me, you may find the marks hanging about for a substantial amount of time
  3. Just leave the epiduo on your face for about half an hour or so and then moisturise. That's what I do with differin
  4. Question for long term users (approximately a year), have any of you found that it has the side effect of hair growth on the face? I think differin has had this effect on me
  5. Keep us updated, even through personal message week by week if you want to talk about anything at all
  6. Thanks for the recommendation, I'll be sure to try and pick a bottle up! Didn't know they had it in the UK I should have mentioned that some of those spots are the inflammatory type, so two of them are large red lumps and the others are minor pimples. I started off with about 7 of those inflammatory spots which were incredibly large and painful but honestly 3 months in I saw improvement i.e a few spots here and there (I was antibiotics as well called tetracycline). The number of spots h
  7. I am still using differin 0.1 % since starting in September, skin looks awful due to PIH but in regard to number of spots it has reduced it (I still currently have 4 active spots). However, I'm also still getting red dry flaky skin. I thought about speaking to my Doctor earlier but I've decided to finish off my last tube of differin. Give it a long trial period and expect it to cycle from good to bad and reverse during that time. It HAS worked for many people and HASN'T for others. Give i
  8. So six months on from the start of my treatment.... I've been on differin for 6 months and off antibiotics for one month. Honestly, differin hasn't made a huge difference, I'm still consistently breaking out and since every single spot leaves a red mark. It's not great. My acne has even started spreading to my chest which has always been clear before I took the antibiotics. Have they just made it even worse!?!?! Think I'll have to book an appointment with my doctor to see what else is
  9. Just to let you know what my experiences have been. I've been on differin + tetralysal since October-ish and it worked a treat but 2 weeks after I stopped the anti-biotics (now). I've started to breakout again... I'll wait a few more weeks but I think I'll have to try something else. It may or may not work out for you guys, but you may as well stick with it (at least a few months) and see where you are at. That's my only advice Best of luck guys
  10. So update, 4 weeks after I have stopped antibiotics but continued with differin. Little whiteheads forming is becoming a lot more common and I've currently picked up quite a big 'un. Sooooo frustrating, I'm gonna stick it out for a couple more weeks before I head to the doctors to see what can be done Keep you posted (infrequently but posted nonetheless). Hope your journey's are going well
  11. Sooo I promised the photos and here is my progress after 3 months. To be honest, it's very disheartening but well see for yourself...
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  13. Currently: In the mornings, I use Simple moisturising face wash, La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo and No7 energising moisturiser with spf15. Then in the PM I use the same face wash with a thin layer of differin. I do occasionally use an exfoliant though (About once a week) I think I'm starting to plateau and I believe this is as clear as I will ever get. I actually thought about only posting when something significant happens because at the minute it's the occasional large whitehead and l
  14. Ahhh! Bad news, I have another whitehead showing up on my nose. With a feeling of spots brewing near my mouth and along my jawline . So so annoyed. Going to press on anyway with the treatment. Have a feeling that the PIH has started to fade, but it's still very prominent . It's a bad week folks but let's hope I get through it