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  1. I used it for several months, and honestly I can't say that it helped me at all.
  2. Mandy.... I know very well the feeling when things like acne can make your mind go haywire when it comes to anything relating to our physical appearance. I'm obsessed with certain things now, I believe because of the damage acne has done to my psyche. And, its hard to see it when one is so close to it.... we just don't see that in ourselves. It won't do you any good for me to just tell you that you look fabulous (which you do), and you shouldn't be concerned with your weight (which you sho
  3. Yes, I have had several subcision treatments with Dr. Pollack in Toronto. VERY VERY good results. I'm happy with everything he did. But someone mentioned Dr. Sapra... I've seen him a few times and I would stay away, I think he's very shady and only out for your $$$. Don't trust him at all and haven't heard good things.
  4. Easy... I just walked into Walmart and there it was for $7 ) (Canada)
  5. Hey Ms Kitty, WOW, 5 courses..... amazing! I really thought I was a veteran after my third course recently! Hun, I'm so sorry you are still frustrated ..... this is a horrible disease ( I hope it clears up very soon..... Accutane almost never fails as you know! I would think about going to a new Derm perhaps to get another opinion on your treatment, stop at nothing and comb the earth for Docs that can help you.... best of luck and i'm rooting for ya! Paul
  6. Hi, Did you make any further progress with this topic?
  7. Hey Jules, Everything looks great though. Maybe you want to consider very low dose Accutane over a long period of time to reduce the oil? Cheers, Paul
  8. Hi everyone.... Guess I should give another update. Everything is still GREAT. Haven't had any form of acne whatsoever since Accutane! I went to a cosmetic derm last week to talk about getting rid of my red marks with electrocautery and some other smoothing with Fraxel. Not sure exactly what I'm going to do yet..... but you know me, always after perfection.
  9. Horray man.... glad we both came through it and are clear! This accutane stuff really works doesn't it? ) so great to be pretty again, huh? hahaha Cheers, Paul
  10. Thanks guys. Everything is going great! Haven't had any form of acne in many months now. Cured! I do still have 2 little red bumps from some strange lesion I had (first thought to be wart, then pyogenic granuloma). But they are getting smaller and less red - I don't think about them much any more. Hope everyone else is doing great! Cheers, Paul
  11. bushie

    Accutane Adventures

    Mostly before accutane and before my breakout leading up to it....
  12. I think just once a day, very lightly. No point in overdoing it. ) Hey guys.... Everything is still fine. I attached a pic. I'm healing still, you can just see a few tiny marks. But boy am I pale, hahahaha hope everyone is doing ok. I'm like ahhhh, I think around 6 weeks post-tane, maybe a little more. Cheers,
  13. Hey greg, I'm a little over one month post-tane. Things are great...... i have not had any signs of acne since. I'm still healing with the old marks though but doing well. As for retin-A, I definitely plan to begin using it soon. I thought I'd just wait a month or so for my skin to come back to normal. I think its a good idea. It can't hurt and Retin-A is good for overall skin texture and appearance so even if you don't need it for acne, its good to keep your skin smooth and to help fade
  14. I say do whatever makes you happy and gives you confidence. Is she lying to you when she wears makeup?? No way. I'm a guy and have the same problem and all I wanna know is what kind of makeup do you use to cover it and how well does it work?? (seriously)
  15. 2 weeks post-tane. No worries mates Everything is clear. Still have that little pink bump (pyogenic thingy) but its gradually looking better. Other than this one little pink spot, my skin looks pretty great. Cheers to clear! Paul