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  1. I've been meaning to create a post like this for awhile. As someone who has suffered from stubborn cysts and blind pimples for years, I've managed to research and discover many remedies to these annoying and painful problems. I know first hand how awful it is to get this type of acne, so I hope someone can find use out of some of these suggestions. Everyone's skin is different so good luck finding what works for your skin. Below are several methods I have personally used or have read about.
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    This is rather pricey for such a small bottle, but it will last a long time. I bought this out of desperation for anything to calm my cysts down while I am waiting for a derm appoitment for a cortisone injection. I wouldn't say it is a miracle cure like the injection, but it does really help. If used at the very first sign of a cyst you stand a fighting chance. I think that I've stopped a few cysts in their tracks by using this at the first sign. Not a miracle for already developed cysts but goo
  3. Could you please post the exact product you use? Brand and if possible.a.picture? I've had cystic acne on and off for years. Currently suffering with one and I'm so sick of this crap. If you could post the stuff you use it'd be greatly appreciated id go and buy it the second I see your post Sorry for the late reply! Anyway, there are two different types that I use. One comes in orange packaging and is called "Smile's PRID" and it says it is an all natural drawing slave. I picked this up
  4. Hi glad to hear it worked for someone else too! I've been m.i.a. for awhile and have an update on this post. I've used it on cysts with success..I got rid of two using the salve. However, I gave in the last time and got the cortisone injection. It wasn't working fast enough and I got too impatient Anyway, it is still the best solution I have for at home treatment.
  5. I've suffered from one cyst here and there for a few years. I have a prescription for an antibiotic to help keep them away but I don't like to stay on it constantly because the high dosage upsets my stomach. It does help but it takes a long time, for me anyway. I prefer to take garlic capsules, which is a natural antibiotic, because it is less irritating to my stomach when I feel a cyst coming on. However, I always need to get a cortisone shot for mine to go away (not a pleasant experience,
  6. I'm glad I could help! It is so frustrating to keep getting one in the same spot and have to get a shot (which hurts!) every single time!
  7. Wow that is awesome! The first time I used it, it was on a large and painful pimple that didn't have a head and I was terrified it was going to be a cyst. My cystic acne is only ever one around the same spot every time. I'm not sure if it was just a large painful pimple or a cyst, but the salve made it go away in a few days. I'm impressed that it took you only 1 day! I love this stuff. Works well on whiteheads too.
  8. I am not alone!!! Right, we could have it worse so I am thankful it is only one. It is so hard not to touch it just to make sure its not getting any bigger. I don't really have a noticeable bump, just a different texture to that part of my face I'd say. If you know what I mean. It just feels...different. Do you do the regimen on your entire face? My face is actually pretty clear (for the time being) aside from some hyper-pigmentation on my chin. I'm just curious as to if it will irritate
  9. I've struggled with cysts too and cortisone shots are the only thing that works. I only ever get one cyst, always in the same general spot. I've used black drawing salve (an old ointment that's been around for years, you can get this at walmart) on my large under the skin pimples that don't have a head and it works wonders. It brings it to a head and drains it all out much quicker than letting it heal on its own. I've read that some people use this for boils. I haven't tried in on a cyst

    Gentle Oil Free Soap Free This is my holy grail face wash!!!! Please understand that this face was is NOT an acne treatment. It will not cure your acne. But it is the perfect cleanser for any skin type, acne or not. I have used this for years and will probably use it forever. This face wash is perfect if you do have acne and are on topical ointments. It is fragrance, soap and oil free. It doesn't dry out my skin or leave it with that tight feeling, and I have really sensitive skin. It a
  11. I just wanted to share something that I have found works wonders for me and I hope that it can help someone else. I personally don't have constant breakouts, but when I do get a pimple it is either one large cyst or a huge under the skin pimple. Big nasty things that are really painful and take FOREVER to go away!! Well, try putting black drawing slave on one of those suckers and BOOM comes to a head, draws out the pus, and see ya later you big nasty sucker. I haven't tried this on m
  12. Hello, I am new to here and I'm not sure if this topic has been answered. If anyone can help me or direct me to anywhere helpful I would appreciate it! For starters, I have suffered from mild to moderate acne since 8th grade and I am now 24. In general, I would say that my face is not all that bad when it comes to acne. I do have a lot of acne scarring on my chin, as I almost always have breakouts there.. Other than my chin, I don't have any other breakouts. But, I have been gett