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  1. I wouldn't recommend it, because it's not just that Epiduo can mix with the ingredients and be irritating, it's that Epiduo is making your skin more sensitive to the ingredients (that's how I see it at least). Before I would go to the dermatologist to get a chemical peel they would tell me to not use Epiduo for a few days before and after my appointment, because it would make my skin too sensitive. Of course they would probably tell you to stay clear from any topicals, but my point is that they make your skin sensitive, so it's not good to use too many at the same time. Like I said it really depends on the percentage of Salicylic Acid too. And unfortunately I have no knowledge of bee venom and how that might be irritating as well.

  2. It isn't normally recommended to use Salicylic Acid when using Epiduo. I used Epiduo for about 2-3 years, and one day I picked up this Neutrogena cleanser with salicylic acid. Immediately after cleansing my skin started burning. The next day the skin on my chin was peeling and really red. I got to ask my derm about it and she was the one that said I shouldn't use salicylic acid anymore.

    I'm guessing you haven't had any adverse reactions, being as you've been using them for 2 weeks. What's the percentage of salicylic acid? The one that irritated me was 2%.

    I would just suggest you be very careful. If your skin starts becoming sensitive you should stop immediately.

  3. Hey there! I was on 115 mg of minocycline a few years ago. Most antibiotics take about 6-12 weeks to show any improvement of your skin, so don't stress too much. Although if in a few more weeks (I'd say give it 2 more) you really think your skin has taken a turn for the worst then please talk to your derm. Mine took a few weeks to show any results, but when it did they were great! The only problem is that after a whole year on mino I developed intercranial hypertension and had to be taken off. I'm not trying to scare you, I'm just telling you to be wary. Antibiotics are a tricky solution to acne. I'm on one right now because my skin has gotten really bad and they usually heal better than topicals (for me at least), but I plan to stop as soon as I can.

  4. I got the premixed product, which as directed by the instructions should be refrigerated. That's also what a lot of people online are saying, but my derm told me that I don't need to do that. She said that's so it doesn't spoil, but she also said it hinders the performance of the product. She wants me to use it for 6 weeks, and I'm just wondering if I should question her..

  5. Alright :) I hope it works fine (I'm a guy by the way). But thanks I'll keep updated. I see you dont have many posts so it really means a lot you take the time to answer me.

    How strange, I did actually assume you were female, and yet there's literally no reason I should have haha. Anyway, no problem! I don't roam the forums here often, but when I do, I try to help out as much as I can :)

    I do hope things work out for you. Unfortunately there is still a chance that the medication won't work for your skin (it really sucks when you keep thinking "It's going to get better!!" but it doesn't). It's all based on your own judgment (and your dermatologists). I really do suggest to try to keep with it for 3 months, but if you think its just making things worse, then by all means stop using it (I can't emphasize that enough. I would really hate for you to keep it up for that long just because I said to, when it's not actually helping)

  6. Well alright, I'll give it a go. And honestly right now I feel like it's just the same as before, not more than before, not less than before. And I have used acanya and retin-a around 2 years ago. Hopefully it's just a time thing.

    Do you think that it just isn't working at all or I need to just give it time?

    Sorry for asking a similar question, I know not everyone has answers.

    Oh I think you just need to give it time. If you haven't seen any significant changes then that just means it hasn't gone to full work yet (at least that's how I see it), so just wait a few more weeks and see what's up.

  7. Have you used a retinoid before? Epiduo is 0.1% retinoid, and my dermatologist told me those can cause purges.

    I just started using Ziana (0.025% retinoid) a few weeks ago and I think I'm in the purging phase. Lots of acne around my mouth, on my jawline, cheekbones, etc. I'm planning on waiting 3 months before I decide whether or not it's working for me. That may seem like a long time, but like I said my purge with Bactrim lasted 3 months (a lot of suggestions said that's how long it usually lasts). It was awful, painful to the touch, it drained my self esteem. After the 3 months my skin was left completely covered in hyperpigmentation and looked scarred (you can see pics on my gallery). But with continued use that all went away :) (Unfortunately giving up the medication it all came back :/ )

    So I do recommend you wait about 3 months, unless you really feel it isn't working.

  8. I used Epiduo with an oral medication (Bactrim) for about 6 months and it really cleared up my skin! The acne that's showing up may just be part of the purging phase, where your skin is trying to get rid of all the bacteria stuck under the surface (although I hear that because of the BP in Epiduo there shouldn't be one). I faced a purging phase (a really bad one) for 3 months before my skin finally became clear, but I can't say whether it was the Bactrim or the Epiduo that caused it.

    For some people the phase lasts so long they don't even end up sticking with the medication, so just keep an eye on how your skin starts reacting. If it becomes severely painful then you really should stop.

  9. How many times do you recommend I use the oil absorbing sheets/day? I hear these sheets just make your skin produce more oil though :S

    It's not really a matter of using it a set amount of times a day, it's just using it whenever you want to get rid of some oiliness. Like I use it almost every morning before I head to class because I wash my face around 6, and by the time I leave to school and get to the parking lot around 8:30 my skin is relatively oily.

    If I'm not going out/going to see anyone then I don't use any (unless my skin is suuuper oily and I feel gross).

    I haven't found if it's been making my skin oilier, but I mean I first got them because I would get to school with an oily face and wanted to spare people having to see me like that :p

  10. That makes sense. Thanks for your help!

    No problem! Also, just to add, I've been using cvs brand oil absorbing sheets for about a month now and have not experienced any major breakouts. But of course everyone's skin is different, so just research and find something you're comfortable using. :]

  11. Thanks for the reply. I currently don't have any moisturizer for my face that doesn't have any spf, would u recommend that I just ditch the moisturizer at night all together?

    I wouldn't actually. When you don't apply moisturizer your skin tries to compensate for being dry and produces more oil. I know that happened to me when I was only applying Epiduo in the evening after cleansing. I wouldn't apply any moisturizer (since at the time I only had that spf moisturizer I mentioned in my previous post) and then I would wake up the next morning with an oily face.

    If you can't find a good lightweight spf free moisturizer, try jojoba oil just like psychokitty said.

  12. Do you use the moisturizer with sunblock in the evening? A few weeks ago, after cleansing with the cetaphil gentle cleansing antibacterial bar I would apply my Cetaphil moisturizer with spf 15, both in the morning and evening. Eventually noticed my skin getting oilier than usual (I used to wake up with an oily T-zone, but then I started waking up with oil around my nose just like you described). Heard that it's not good to use a moisturizer with spf at night so I bought the cvs knockoff of the Neutrogena oil-free moisturizer for combo skin (altho it feels pretty heavy..) and have noticed a difference.

  13. It all depends on the antibiotic and how your body reacts. When I was taking Solodyn (along with Epiduo) my skin cleared up amazingly, but then I developed intracranial hypertension. After about a month off it my acne came back more intense then ever, but after 2 months of Bactrim it calmed down. 2 months later and my skin is looking way better (it was just like how you described yours to be, and now I only have light acne, a few pimples here and there along with the scars and hyperpigmentation from my flareup).

    Antibiotics are definitely a savior for some, but if not for you you can always try The Regimen. I've personally never tried it but I hear it's great.

  14. Hi there! I was on Minocycline about 2 years ago, and although I too saw amazing results, I'm sorry to report I also faced an extremely troubling experience. I started when I was 18; suffered from cystic acne. My derm started me off with 105mg a day, and then after several months was moved up to 115mg. Everything was going perfectly for about a year, until suddenly I developed pseudotumor cerebri. I did some reading and it seems that Minocycline has been known to cause this. This isn't to say that you will for sure be affected, especially because I was on a high dosage for my weight, but if you ever experience blurred vision and severe headaches I highly suggest you stop and talk to your doctor!

  15. That sounds exactly like my old regime! I had to stop after about 2 weeks because my face began BURNING every time I washed it. My skin had became so sensitive. When I mentioned it to my dermatologist she said that using Epiduo and the Neutrogena face wash together can give you serious irritation because of the salicylic acid in the wash. I hope this didn't happen to you!