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  1. On 7/27/2016 at 0:54 PM, KenHarrison said:

    Smells great to me... what brand did you get?

    Never got the notification you left that comment, sorry for this incredibly late response. In all honesty it was some cheap brand my mom picked up. I noticed my face wasn't getting as irritated once I eased off the tazorac, so I switched back to my moisturizer and didn't have any issues. I just started using another facial oil someone else had recommended and I'm really enjoying it.
    On 7/31/2016 at 1:54 PM, Alish Preslin said:

    Question- Has Tazorac helped you with redness? I began using it a week ago and haven't seen any results.

    Apologies for the late response! No, it never panned out. I've been using it every night and my face is just as red as it was back then. I have a derm appointment in 2 weeks so I'm going to see what else she'll recommend.
  2. I have a feeling your comment was meant for my latest post aha. Well honestly I don't think I've got the confidence for it, especially with me back in school :/ However before I started using this new foundation that I think/thought was breaking me out (Revlon colorstay), I'd been using a very lightweight one that didn't mess with my skin at all. I started using it again a few days ago after giving up the Revlon foundation and my skin seems to already be recovering

  3. Ugh yes!! When I see other people with Acne, I don't say a word. WE don't ask for acne.. WE can't control it. WE literally try everything to get rid of it!! Once I'm done with this Accutane course I will have my confidence back. My boyfriend always asks why I ALWAYS wear make up, if only he understood. I told him i CAN be secure, and confident about not wearing it--when this BS is off my face! :(

    No one truly understands unless they have lived with it. =/

    Yep, you know they're just trying to make you feel better by saying that you shouldn't be bothered, but if they haven't dealt with and don't understand the struggle then we can't help but invalidate their words :/

    It's always great when your signif other isn't bothered by acne, but telling you that something that makes you feel confident bothers them can hurt just as much.

    It really does suck that we have to go through all of this just because our body decided to be this way, but as leelowe said, this can only build us up and make us stronger.

    Hoping it all works out for us soon :)

  4. Amen sistah! That's the unfortunate society we live in. Those words, comments, 'helpful' suggestions are so hurtful. I've had friends suggest stuff like grape seed oil to me and it just makes me want to punch something. It's all good though. God is good and I believe this struggle like all struggles will build you up into a strong woman. Your testimony during and at the end of it all will be amazing. The fact that you still are up and about shows your strength. As a woman said to me yesterday, take it one day at a time knowing that you're not in the struggle alone and that Gods holding you up. Hugs from NJ

    Thanks so much. We just have to keep that positivity and faith. We'll get through this :)

  5. Yeah, that sounds good. It was just that whole "the faster I start using this stuff the faster I'll start seeing results", which with the amount of topicals I've used already, you'd think I'd know by now how wrong that is.

    Not all that sure about the pics. I am taking some for myself to keep track of my progress, but I don't know about posting them on here. Maybe once I start seeing some results I'll put up a before and after picture

  6. Good luck girl and keep on keeping on.

    Unfortunately after 2 months of almond milk and not noticing any changes I gave up and went back to my usual low-fat milk. I don't drink as much as I used to though (I would have a bowl of cereal every night and every morning). I've been drinking green smoothies too (mom makes them with all kinds of vegetables), but I wouldn't say it's enough to cause a noticeable change. I would try to ditch dairy and gluten all together if I really could but money is sooo tight right now I've been lending some to my mom for groceries and letting her pick up whatever she wants for the family.

    I feel like the chem peels helped lighten up my acne scars. But looking at my skin right now I guess I should first treat the majority of this acne before worrying about that.

    I really thought the clindamycin in Ziana would treat my pimples... A few weeks ago I picked up some cream with 2.5% benzoyl peroxide for my little brother, so I think I'm going to stop with the Ziana and start using that instead. Ziana has just been such a disappointment. I thought that at this point I would at least start seeing SOME changes..

  7. Hey there! I was on Ziana for a good year or so, but at the time I was also on aczone and doxycycline so I think it was the latter that made the most difference. Whenever I tied cutting out aczone or the antibiotic I'd break out bad. The Ziana also made my skin super oily and red. I finally had enough and switched to the regimen about 6 weeks ago and I'm happy I did so far. Stopping the antibiotic was tough but I think my skin and my body r better in the long run. The derm who prescribed me those said if you don't see improvement in 8 weeks to go back for something else. She said that's how long it takes for our skin to completely renew itself so any topical should show at least a slight difference in 8 weeks. hope that helps just wanted to interject and share my experience w Ziana

    Thanks so much for sharing :) I'd actually planned to try out the Regimen if Ziana didn't work out. I've got an appt. with my derm this weekend and I wanted to talk about starting BC, but last time she told me she wouldn't recommend it since I had slightly high blood pressure. If she still doesn't recommend it then I'm going to try the Regimen. :)

  8. Oh I don't use the coconut oil as a moisturizer, I just use is to break up my makeup and then wipe it off (and I don't use it every night). And no, I'm actually not using anything in the morning. My derm did say that Ziana itself wouldn't completely heal my acne, and so that's why she recommends going back to an oral antibiotic, but I told her I only wanted to do that as a last resort. Next time I see her I'll ask about these other options you mention. :]

  9. Mels, if I remember correctly, you went through a period of clear skin while on antibiotics. I had the same experience with accutane and worse than having acne, is finally achieving clear skin and then having your skin revert back to what it was. After the first relapse, I too found it hard to take pictures. I just can't do it anymore . Keep your head up. I would keep 3-4 months in your head as the time line to expect some type of consistent improvement. I did ziana for 3 months and while it did not end up working for me, it didn't overly irritate my skin and may prep you for eventually trying a stronger retinoid. Stress is a killer so try to keep it as low as you can. I'm with ya in this struggle girl.

    Yep, my skin was clear for about 2 months so my derm told me I could stop taking the antibiotic, and then a couple months later it all came back. I'm definitely giving it about 4 months, since that's how long it took my last antibiotic to start showing positive results.

    Hope things work out for the both of us soon!

  10. Hey! I'm on a topical retinoid too, RetinA 0.05%. I started experiencing bad breakouts/purging in weeks 2 and then again in 4-6. It will get better though, I promise!

    Let me know if you want to talk or have any questions! :)

    Thank you for the encouragement! :)

  11. Ask her to switch you to tretinoin which does the same thing for scars I mean. At least it did for me. Hang in there Mels-Glad to hear things are going well!

    Thanks for the tip Leanna!

    Hey there, I think Epiduo helped with my scars and red marks from months of really bad picking. It would make sense because the adapalene in it is a retinoid, correct me if I'm wrong! And I didn't do anything else except use SpectroJel with it.

    No you're right haha. Now that I think about it, it's possible that my hyperpigmentation has been fading because of the Epiduo. I just figured that if it really did work then I should break out whenever I stop using it. Anyways, thank you for your comment :)

  12. Your acne has improved a lot! I have acne similar to your starting photos from the beginning. Im currently on solodyn and saw it tagged here. I was wondering if you have used it and if so have you had any luck? And aside from the antibiotic and cetaphil, do you use anything else?

    Sorry for a late response, I never got the notification! Yes Solodyn did help me HOWEVER after 2 years I had to get stop after I was diagnosed with intercranical hypertension, due to that medication :/ I also use Epiduo, however I'm not sure it's doing anything for me anymore.

  13. Lol oh gosh all I did was type a sad face! I don't know why it has to get so huge!!!! Haha

    Yeah, it's my mistake, really. During my last appointment she had asked if I needed refills and I said that I had enough.. of course I was wrong :/ Just right now I got a call telling me that my doc finally approved my refill and that my meds were ready for pickup, but they were regular strength rather than double :/ But I guess that's better than nothing.

    Anyway, yeah I was too lazy to take pics haha but thank you :,)

  14. If it has only been 20 days, my advice is to stick with it. It usually takes at LEAST three months before there is any dramatic improvement. I know how tough it is in the mean time but hang in there.

    As for makeup, I personally wouldn't advise using any drug store mineral powders. My experience was that it broke me out. Since switching to Bare Minerals, I saw a big improvement. I know it is more expensive, but it's totally worth it! And the best concealer I've ever used is Dermablend. It can cover just about anything!

    I do want to stick with it but it's difficult trying to convince my dad, who had severe acne when he was younger, that we have to wait that long; he thinks that there must be some magic pill that will definitely work, and work fast :/

    Oh yeah I used to use Bare Minerals; I got it as a birthday gift a few years ago, but yeah the price just sent me to the drugstore haha. I'll definitely consider it again though :)

    I just checked out Dermablend and yeah it seems pretty great! Thanks for the suggestion :)