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  1. My skin is looking pretty clear! I've been using Tretinoin for 7 weeks and on Doryx for 9. I had a derm visit last Thursday and she agreed that my skin is looking much better than before, but did note the cysts and acne scars around my cheeks and neck. About 2 weeks ago I started breaking out pretty bad, but I blame it on being super stressed with school and work, being on my period, and not being consistent with Doryx (I'm supposed to take it every night, but sometimes I get home so tired and j
  2. For the past two weeks I've actually felt my skin doing a lot better. At the moment I have NO cysts - it's a miracle! A few bumps on my neck, but they're healing. A few pimples here and there, but overall my skin is doing MUCH better than it was doing three weeks ago. I'm wondering if it has anything to do with how I started drinking almond milk and avoiding dairy again. What's funny about this all is that I had my derm appointment today, and one of the first comments she made was "Oh no! Your
  3. Never got the notification you left that comment, sorry for this incredibly late response. In all honesty it was some cheap brand my mom picked up. I noticed my face wasn't getting as irritated once I eased off the tazorac, so I switched back to my moisturizer and didn't have any issues. I just started using another facial oil someone else had recommended and I'm really enjoying it. Apologies for the late response! No, it never panned out. I've been using it every night and my face is just as
  4. I'm thinking about giving my skin a rest from Tazorac for a few weeks. I've been back on it for I'm guessing about 3 months now. Although my forehead has gotten relatively clear, the cysts and spots around my jawline and neck haven't lessened at all. The reason I want to stop is because I'm so tired of the skin around my mouth and nose peeling all the time!! I can only get about 1 hour of makeup wear, and then the foundation starts to flake off. And even when I don't wear makeup, by midday I'll
  5. Oh thank you for the recommendation! I tried it out and had no irritation, but the smell really put me off haha (maybe I got a bad one?)
  6. Decided to hop back on this website and give a little update. While no one else may be reading these, I find them really helpful for myself in getting a good idea of how my acne has progressed. So, how my skin is today - Incredibly dry ALL over my mouth, most likely as a result of Tazorac (10% gel), two pimples on my forehead, a few pimples and cysts on my neck, and quite a bit of spots on my jawline, but most of them seem to be healing (thank GOD). After Paula's Choice didn't work out so we
  7. 7 weeks ago I began using the Paula's Choice Extra Strength Acne Kit as a recommendation from one of my fave youtube beauty people. She called it her holy grail and claimed it really helped out her acne. Decided to order it and was super excited to try it out. It consists of the "Clear Pore Normalizing Cleanser", an "Extra Strength Anti-Redness Exfoliating Solution with 2% Salicylic Acid", and the "Extra Strength Daily Skin Clearing Treatment with 5% BP". I've been using the cleanser 2x a day, b
  8. Thanks leelowe, a few days after I posted this I erupted with a bunch more cysts and acne on my jawline, but it was JUST on the left side, so I really do think it's all my hormones as opposed to irritating products. I started a new skincare routine and it seems to be working (so far). Will post an update about it
  9. Nope, never even heard of them, but I looked them up and I'll definitely take them into consideration. Thank you for the recommendation :)
  10. Its been about 15 weeks since I went off of Ery-Tab, and 30 weeks since going on Tazorac and Benzamycin. My current facial status? Not too sure. I can recall my last post saying that my skin was doing really well. That was the last week of October. Since then my skin's status has been fluctuating. It got pretty bad the last week of December when I was on my time of the month. Currently I've only got about 3 or 4 active pimples along with 4 or 5 cysts along my jawline. Overall my skin looks clear
  11. Mels23

    15 week update

    Got to see my derm last Thursday. Told her my deal, that I was breaking out since I was just about to start my period, but that overall my skin's been doing good, I've just still got a lot of hyperpigmentation and scarring. She told me she was going to give me another prescription of Benzamycin and Tazorac, but that she would up Taz to 0.1% and make it the gel form instead. I told her that I was out of Ery-Tab but that to be honest I didn't want to use an antibiotic anymore, and she told me that
  12. Mels23

    Skin's Good, Buut...

    Thanks Yeah, it's taking it's toll on us :/ Really hoping it all works out soon. Okay, I've got a lil update picture up!
  13. From the album: Ery-Tab / Tazorac / Benzamycin

    I know the lighting is awful, but believe me, the improvement has been great. On the left pic, all those little red spots you can see were very painful. On the right, any spots you see are just hyperpigmentation. Maybe just like 2 bumps, near my mouth and on my chin, but they're not hurting that much. My skin feels super soft now, and it makes me so happy. Yeah, I've still a lot of scarring on my cheekbones, but I'm just glad my face doesn't hurt anymore. Skincare products: Cerave Foaming F
  14. Mels23

    Ery-Tab / Tazorac / Benzamycin

    Antibiotic: Ery-Tab Benzamycin ( 3% Erythromycin & 5% BP) in the morning, and Tazorac (0.05%) at night
  15. I was heading to my dermatologist appt. on Thursday when this car on the lane to the right of me, just a couple cars ahead, merged into my lane, going at a really slow speed in order to decide whether he should pass the gore zone to get back on the freeway. With me going 65 mph and my breaks not being as great as they could be, I wasn't able to stop in time and slammed into the corner of his bumper. We're both doing okay thankfully, but it looks like our insurance isn't going to help pay for my
  16. Mels23

    9 Weeks

    Stopped using the Revlon Colorstay foundation and my skin has been doing a whole lot better (honestly I'm still not sure if it was the foundation that caused my bad breakouts but I wasn't going to take any chances of course). I exfoliated last night for the first time in weeks and just now as I washed my face to get ready for bed my skin felt sooo much smoother. At the moment I do have 4 active/painful pimples but that's so much better than what I was dealing with a few weeks ago. Dermatologist
  17. Mels23

    Week 5 - Progress!

    I have a feeling your comment was meant for my latest post aha. Well honestly I don't think I've got the confidence for it, especially with me back in school :/ However before I started using this new foundation that I think/thought was breaking me out (Revlon colorstay), I'd been using a very lightweight one that didn't mess with my skin at all. I started using it again a few days ago after giving up the Revlon foundation and my skin seems to already be recovering
  18. Mels23

    7 Weeks

    About 2 weeks ago, my skin was doing great! It felt so nice and smooth when I washed my face. The only issue was the acne on my neck (it hasn't improved at all!) and hyperpigmentation. Unfortunately mother nature then decided to pay a visit, and so my skin went crazy. It's been a week since the last day and my skin still hasn't recovered. I've started thinking that maybe one of the foundations I recently started using has caused these breakouts, so I'm giving them up for the next two weeks. Wha
  19. While my skin doesn't look like it's getting all that better, I can feel it noticeably smoother! I've got only about 8 small active pimples on my face (excluding all the subsurface bumps on my neck. They just won't go away) and a few that are healing and thus a little crusty. Still lots of hyperpigmentation and scarring, but overall I think we're heading in a good direction! This Wednesday I've got my appt so we'll see if there's anything that we should start changing up. I was supposed to be
  20. I wouldn't recommend it, because it's not just that Epiduo can mix with the ingredients and be irritating, it's that Epiduo is making your skin more sensitive to the ingredients (that's how I see it at least). Before I would go to the dermatologist to get a chemical peel they would tell me to not use Epiduo for a few days before and after my appointment, because it would make my skin too sensitive. Of course they would probably tell you to stay clear from any topicals, but my point is that they
  21. Last week I developed a pimple on the corner of my mouth, and when it scabbed over holy crap it was absolutely painful to eat or talk!! A few days later it got better, but then another appeared on the other corner! Luckily this one didn't cause nearly as painful an experience. But wow it was the worst! Last week I had about five or six bumps on my forehead. As of this moment, it's relatively smooth, with probably one or two bumps. Acne on my cheeks and jawline is the same as usual, but acne on
  22. It isn't normally recommended to use Salicylic Acid when using Epiduo. I used Epiduo for about 2-3 years, and one day I picked up this Neutrogena cleanser with salicylic acid. Immediately after cleansing my skin started burning. The next day the skin on my chin was peeling and really red. I got to ask my derm about it and she was the one that said I shouldn't use salicylic acid anymore. I'm guessing you haven't had any adverse reactions, being as you've been using them for 2 weeks. What's the p
  23. Mels23

    Little Rant

    Yep, you know they're just trying to make you feel better by saying that you shouldn't be bothered, but if they haven't dealt with and don't understand the struggle then we can't help but invalidate their words :/ It's always great when your signif other isn't bothered by acne, but telling you that something that makes you feel confident bothers them can hurt just as much. It really does suck that we have to go through all of this just because our body decided to be this way, but as leelowe sa
  24. Mels23

    Little Rant

    Thanks so much. We just have to keep that positivity and faith. We'll get through this
  25. Mels23

    One Week Done

    Hey there, sorry, I don't know personally, but maybe these threads could be useful.