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  1. Has anyone here used Purpose Dual Moisturizer with SPF15? If so how is it?
  2. Oh, I thought you had a tattoo on your face like our favorite boxer of all time Iron Mike Tyson. Kinda disappointed now.
  3. I ordered my two weeks ago (Jan. 25), got it last week and it has expiration date of 1/08.
  4. lordt78


    I'm currently using up this sun tan lotion with SPF48 as a moisturizer. It's works great for me all winter because my face usually get really dry in the winter and this is the first winter i was using it. Maybe I should buy something else?
  5. Hey all, I ordered and started using Dan's BP Gel last Thursday and by day 2 my skin is all red and dry but not really itchy or breaking out. So I decided to only use it on infected areas now. I have light acne but I initally to use it all over my face. Bad decision. Now, the clear parts of my face is red. How do get rid of the redness and dryness? It's been a few days. I think that combine with the cold weather in the Northeast is killing my skin.