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  1. From what I've heard from my dermtologist, 120 mg is the target when dosing heavily (A daily dose of >=1 mg/kg) and 150 mg is recommended when taking less.
  2. The only thing you can do is wait and see how it develops. Many people on here have said their acne comes back after a year but it's much more manageable. What I generally do is panic and start over washing, picking etc when I get an outbreak. I'd try to avoid that and not think about it, however I know what can feel almost impossible to do.
  3. I've found that applying a lot of topical steroids made mine worse. Immediately after applying they were fine but around 5 hours afterwards my lips would start shedding skin and cracking. I stuck to Vaseline throughout my treatment (nearly 7 months) and that was enough to survive. How much dose per kilogram are you on? When I was over 1 mg/kg for 3 weeks nothing helped my lips. If you can't live with this level of side effects and you are on a high dose then I would reduce it. Remember it's th
  4. That is incredibly screwed up. Your stepfather shouldn't be giving you medication without your knowledge. I don't think you should be worried that much, I imagine this crushing rule is to stop it from irritating your esophagus. I'd talk to your doctor especially if you are feeling any ill effects
  5. How do you apply a concealer with flaky skin? Is there a method to it? I'm not exactly experienced haha. Someone mentioned using a primer can help, smashbox or something? Yeah, I think you are right about the salicylic wash. I only used it many once every 3 days and while it reduced the flakes I think it was making my skin even redder. As I live in England and I'm always studying in the library, I'm hoping my very minimal sun exposure doesn't have an effect on PIH. I definitely look into
  6. Thank you for your reply. How long does the redness take to fade? If I'm honest, I'm starting to experiment with concealer to hide them as they are bright red and people struggle not to stare. The problem is that accutane is making my skin very flaky even after moisturising or trying to use a light salicylic acid wash to remove them.
  7. Yeah I did pick. I tried not to but when they itch or form a whitehead I find it impossible not to. How long did it take for them to go for you? Do you have any before and after pictures I could see? I think almost everyone can't resist the whitehead, and eventually picks them. Still I suggest as much as you can, don't pick them. As you can imagine, taking pictures were never an option as I was extremely self conscious. This is a pic on my better days after the acne started going away,
  8. Yeah I did pick. I tried not to but when they itch or form a whitehead I find it impossible not to. How long did it take for them to go for you? Do you have any before and after pictures I could see?
  9. Yeah the hyperpigmentation doesn't bother me, it goes quite quickly for me. I didn't realise rolling scars could fill in. They started showing up as the cysts have started to disappear and I assumed they would stay how they are now.
  10. Does anyone think I should do anything for my scars? I've looked at this forum for awhile and a lot of people are posting 'look at my scar' topics who don't have any scars whatsoever. I'd thought being someone with actual scars I'd post. I'm on accutane at the moment so I can't do any treatments for a while but I could start saving up. It's difficult sometimes to work out if it's actually bad or if it's all in you head. Especially on the mood swings of accutane.
  11. I've added the pictures if you want to take a look. I'm using the Cetaphil gentle cleanser and moisturising lotion at the moment. If I stopped using a moisturiser my face wold completely dry up and flake everywhere, when I wake up in the morning I feel this is already starting to happen.
  12. I've read quite a lot on these forums and read about people not clearing from accutane even after 6+ months. I never thought I could be one of these people, I thought accutane might finally end the years of antibiotics and BP etc. I've been on accutane for 4 months and 3 weeks. I started on 30mg for a month, 40mg for 1.5 months, 50 for 1.5 month and now on 60mg for 3 weeks (I weigh 65 kg) . I was clear for a long time on antibiotics until a GP, against my wishes, took me off antibiotics 2 ye
  13. I haven't heard of it until now but I've read into milia and apparently it's to do with your sweat glands. Accutane affects like glands in your body so there is a good chance it will do something. I warn you now, accutane makes things worse before it makes things better, I'm finally without an active spot or cyst after 4 months but I have a lot of redness.