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  1. yea i heard accutane actually makes red marks last longer? is this true? does anyone know?
  2. ive had red marks for a while man it sucks its been years it looks like they are still fresh
  3. From the album: Back On Accutane

    Hopefully 2nd course of accutane helps a bit this time. It came back after like 2 months just not as intense.
  4. n0name87

    Back On Accutane

    (2nd Month)
  5. From the album: Back On Accutane

    I think its clearing pretty well but so many red marks now and for some reason none of them are fading.(This picture does not show most of it but i really do have a lot of red marks on both cheeks)
  6. really pretty....amazingly pretty actually <<<<<<<100% honest
  7. well you have to ask your dermatologist before you can use any medication. I also heard that accutane works better by itself instead of trying to pair it up with other topical medications since accutane makes your skin more sensetive. All i gotta say is give it time, I know its hard as hell to go through but it will work. Good Luck man
  8. well the first 2 months is supposedly the breakout stage since ur body is still getting used to accutane(dont feel bad if ur breaking out since it will get better). I started seeing improvements on the 3rd month. Right now i still have tons and tons of redmarks but barely any active acne which made me really happy. I also talked with my dermatologist and he said that people dont usually lose the redmarks during the accutane treatmennt specially people who had it severe( mine was severe acne). Fo
  9. From the album: Accutane(2nd to the Last month-going 2nd week)

    Not as many red marks but you can see the scarring though (not too deep)
  10. From the album: Accutane(2nd to the Last month-going 2nd week)

    I have 1 active under my eye brows and another in my temple dammit. Once again, Red Marks
  11. From the album: Accutane(2nd to the Last month-going 2nd week)

    Tons of Red Marks T_T(How long did it take u guys before ur redmarks faded by the way?)
  12. well accutane is suppose to make it worse before it gets hella better. If i remember correctly, my dermatologist told me that the first 2 months of accutane is the initial break out stage(dont feel bad if it breaks out since ur body needs to adjust to accutane for the first couple of weeks). Well Good Luck to you man i hope it works out for you. Cya
  13. hey how long before we can take another course of accutane? im just curious. ur improving a lot by the way. Good luck to you man
  14. why get on accutane if ur skin looks good?
  15. yay im so happy for you man. MAJOR improvement. I just have a question for everyone. Is it just me or are a bunch of you guys taking accutane twice a day? For me i only take it once a day at 40mg
  16. i meant to say pretty bad. Not pretty haha acne is never pretty. Ill go edit it
  17. From the album: almost completing the 3rd month

    My acne was pretty bad before i started accutane. So far it helped at least in the way of reducing all the redness. This picture kinda makes it look like i have decent clear skin but in reality i dont (the lighting apparently helps hide it). Hopefully all this goes away in the last 2 months of accutane like the doctor is predicting.
  18. From the album: almost completing the 3rd month

    My forehead was the first one to heal first.
  19. From the album: almost completing the 3rd month

    Im almost done with my 3rd month supply but im still breaking out. I have a lot of red marks but you cant really see all of them in the pictures. How long did it take you guys before the break outs stopped?
  20. huge improvement man seriously. Good Stuff hang in there. For me im still in the break out stage T_T but my dermatologist told me the last 2 months of accutane is always the best
  21. I just ordered it too. I will post my results and answer people's questions whether its just a scam