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  1. I knew 100 mg was too much for me because it lowered my blood pressure to the point where I was feeling dizzy and fatigued even though I drink at least 2 L of water a day.
  2. Yeah, Lady Odd Duck is right. Aldactone is the brand name and Spironolactone is the generic. By the way, my dermatologist told me that I should avoid CVS brand generics because he's noticed that his patients who use them don't get as good of results as those who use other pharmacies. Sounds a bit like a conspiracy theory, but I'm not risking it.
  3. Here’s a little update. I’ve been on Spiro for 55 days and I’m on the first week of my second pack of Yasmin. I started off on 100 mg of Spiro, but my body couldn’t tolerate that amount so I dropped down to 75 mg three weeks in. (When I started the Yasmin I dropped to 50 mg of Spiro since the BCP contains 25 mg of drospirenone.) About 4 weeks into taking the Spiro I started noticing significant improvement in that my giant cysts and nodules started resolving, however, I’ve continued
  4. The amount of water will vary for each person. Water is my beverage of choice and I drink 2 liters or more a day. Even drinking that much I still get dizzy sometimes and I'm only on 75 mg (25 mg from Yasmin and 50 from Spiro). I would say experiment with how much water you drink to try to find the right amount.
  5. You're not alone. I too know how difficult acne can be to cope with as I've been dealing with it off and on for about 18 years. Just 7 weeks ago I was in your position where I didn't want to leave the house because of how horrible my skin looked after stopping Yasmin. My face was basically deformed with huge cysts and nodules, and that is not an exaggeration. I found out I have PCOS and elevated testosterone, so I ended up going back on Yasmin (25 mg of drospirenone), which helps my acne tremend
  6. ShiningStar, we are very similar in that our only PCOS symptoms are acne, elevated testosterone, and our ovaries have "cysts" (which are actually immature follicles). I recall a friend of mine with PCOS never had acne until one day, POOF, it arrived seemingly out of the blue with a vengeance. So, I don't think it's necessarily unusual that you've never had acne until now--it's just a bummer that it's made its presence. Also, I think it's yet another misconception that hormonal acne is just on
  7. Agreed, Anti-Em. The acne and irregular periods are enough, for some doctors, to deem a diagnosis of PCOS. ShiningStar, read my post called "A Skinny Girl with PCOS." It basically sums up my acne battle. I hate taking medication and would love to strictly use herbs for my acne, but my acne got to the point where it was so severe that I couldn't risk using any precious time experimenting with herbs. I've used herbs in the past for moderate acne, and it worked wonders but there was no way those
  8. By the way, I have PCOS and my lab results indicated that all of my hormones are completely normal except the slightly elevated testosterone (which is now low-normal due to the Spiro). I think PCOS is actually very complicated and often misunderstood. It seems to manifest differently in each individual and science is only at the tip of the iceberg in figuring out WTF it really is and why it occurs.
  9. Anti-Em, If you read the articles you'll see that science suggests differently than what your Endo says. ShiningStar, I don't recall right now what my exact testosterone level was before I started Spiro. The number is probably in another one of my posts. Off the top of my head I believe it was like 5 or 6 points (give or take a few) above high normal. As far as the IB goes, no, I didn't have one. My acne was *really* bad (HUGE nodules and cysts) all over my face when I first started Spiro an
  10. Actually Spiro DOES decrease testosterone production. I initially didn't think this was the case based on what has been said on this message board, but after I found out my testosterone levels have reduced significantly since being on Spiro I did some research online and found otherwise. The info below is taken from: http://www.androgeneticalopecia.com/hair-l...-baldness.shtml "Spironolactone is a potent antiandrogen. The term antiandrogen, as defined by Dorfman, implies prevention of expre
  11. Are you taking Spironolactone? If so, that will lower your testosterone which will skew the free testosterone results. I've been on Spiro for 6 weeks and before I was on it I had slightly elevated testosterone, but now my testosterone levels are quite low.
  12. Amber, I suggest you go to an OB/GYN and tell them that you want a comprehensive hormone test performed. My PCP never even recommended that I get one--instead I basically demanded one from her. Also, like I said, my PCP was actually useless in diagnosing me. It was the OB/GYN who was the life saver. If anybody lives in LA and wants the name of my gyno or dermatologist in Beverly Hills, then PM me and I will gladly give you their names. Aghaigh, would you mind sharing a little more about your e
  13. How many years, exactly, have you been on Spiro? How long did it take you to see results once you started the medication? Did you have an initial breakout? These are the details people often want to know so if you could provide more info that would be great. Thanks for your post!
  14. I have scoured the message boards on acne.org trying to find situations that are similar to mine with the hope of providing me answers about my "hormonal adult acne." I know that we all take comfort in relating to people with similar experiences, which is why I wrote this incredibly lengthy post--perhaps it will help somebody out there. I'm almost 32 and I've had acne off and on since puberty, ranging from mild-cystic, but predominantly cystic. I've ALWAYS had to use medication or herbs to keep
  15. My experience with switching from Yasmin to generic Ocella was fairly disastrous. I was very clear on Yasmin, but when I switched to the generic I started getting a lot of breakouts. I just started Yasmin again after being completely off of BCP's for the last 8 months (during which time my skin has severely broken out in cysts/nodules/whiteheads) and there is NO WAY I will ever use the generic again.