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  1. So im dropping the AhA that's part of the regimen. It's too harsh on my skin. I think all I need is the 3 step system. They say less is more! Also I'm removing my makeup with coconut oil so I won't cause irritation with using those makeup wipes. I'll purchase the jobajoba oil that the regimen recommends also.  I went to the derm and got prescribed all this stuff but I was like fuck that shit. I don't believe in all that medication. I've been on everything on the market even. Accutane so I'm trying to heal myself naturally. So I made an appointment with my naturopathic doctor. And I'm going to the allergist! All this should help. I'll tell u how things go. Also I want to use something natural for my scaring are there any oils you recommend to get rid of scars ?

  2. You know what I think I'm going to drop the aha stuff. I started to clear until I introduced that. So I'm going to drop that and stick with the regimen
  3. Why did you ditch the tea tree products if it was woking for you in the first place? It is just less harsh of a product. End of 2015 summer I broke out massively. I mean it was bad. So I assumed I needed something stronger. I think it was the stress and food I was eating. But I told myself let me very something a bit stronger. Though my bumps have went down a lot on my forehead and chin my sides are inflamed and scared badly so I'm assuming it's too harsh. So im trying to cut back on the bp.
  4. If after the third month it's still not working im switching back to tea tree products. But I'll stick with it and add mor hydrating oils to keep down irritation
  5. Yeah well that's probably my problem . I heard that bp is really harsh towards black skin
  6. I might stop this regimen. It has made my skin so blotchy and I have even more discloses toon than I did before. I can't stand looking at myself without makeup. I think this is too harsh and is causing me to have discloration. My concern was my chin and forehead and it has cleared up significantly but my cheeks have gotten so bad and it won't stop. I might have to discontinue. But I have not used the jobajoba oil yet . What do you think ?
  7. This regimen is not really working . In fact it has made my skin look so red and blotchy it's disgusting. I don't know if I should continue . It's close to my third month. My forehead scene and chin acne has gotten much better now it has spread to my cheeks and side of face. I'm also breaking out in spots I have never before. I really don't know what to do. Now I wonder should I use the oil the regimen recommends 

  8. About last month my skin was really clearing. And i thought to myself this regimen is really working. All of a sudden i broke out again. I noticed I broke out when my period was over during ovulation. Now i really believe my acne is really hormonal and its also really affected by what I eat. Which i understand it is not rocket science. But I don't know what to do to control it hormonally . I cant really afford to eat all organic right now and I REFUSE to take birth control or any dumb antibiotics because Ive been there done that. I want to cure myself naturally. 

  9. I regret taking accutane. I developed IBS. I say take some Moringa Powder and Olive leaf extract!
  10. I say a 4/5 It looks like more discoloration
  11. My face is broke out so badly !! It's about my second week and it looks so disgusting. There's bo way I can leave the house without makeup !! I know I ahould wait but I got so desperate Im going back to the derm. but I have over a month until I see the derm hopefully it can make some changes until then
  12.  Breaking out horribly on this acne.or treatment. I believe its my second week. It's really difficult for me know. 

  13. Later I will post a picture of me without any makeup after a long day of work(which is when my break outs are the worst). I cant believe I'm doing this.

  14. You guys see my profile picture?? Yeah my skin was sooooo clear. I was using Accutane. I hate the drug but while i was on it i had so much confidence.