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  1. Oh come on. No one? This is hardly a difficult question.
  2. Is it a good or bad idea to be taking zinc with accutane. I started taking it with a month left in my tane course so that when I get off it my skin will still be healthy due to the zinc tablets. But is this a good or bad idea?
  3. You're supposed to continue taking Tane up until the course is finished, regardless of when you initially cleared up. So of course your acne is going to return. I went on doxycycline for about 8 months and it cleared me up a bit, bit when I got off it just came back.
  4. Do it. Contrary to what people may say, Accutane is NOT some sort of dangerous drug that's going to melt your inside and turn you into a suicidal pyscho. It is however, extremely effective in clearing up acne. As long as you take what your derm tells you to, you will be fine. Accutane worked wonders for me. I love it to death. It is the only product that clears my skin up.
  5. It depends. The brochure says it occurs within 2-4 weeks usually lasting a week or so before easing off. For me, I got it within the first week I was on it. I had an intial breakout which was SEVERE. Then I had another breakout around week 4-5 which wasn't quite as bad. Then every other "breakout" you get is really mild. The last breakout I got was a small pimple on the lower left of my chin which cleared up within a day. It's like they say, you got to break a few eggs to make an omelette.
  6. Week 14 Last week was uneventful really. I had 1 small pimple on the lower left of my face and two REALLY small ones on the right, which went away within a day. My skin has started getting blotchy but I think that's more from the cold weather.
  7. Week 13 No new active pimples. Skin slightly dry, everything else fine. Going good. Almost out of pills and have to get a new box soon.
  8. Week 12 - April Fools' Day! Well well well. We're still steady on track and last week I had 3 small pimples. On the plus side, they healed very fast, going away within 1-2 days. Currently my skin is looking great. There is a 1 small little bump on the right side of my face which you can hardly see and I expect it to clear up within a day or two so I can be nice and clear for the weekend. I've cut down completely on alchohol and junk food. I'm not in a strict workout regime and I'm feeling and
  9. Week 11 - Happy Easter! Well, Happy Easter first off. I had a four day weekend which was great. The other great thing? I didn't get a single pimple all week. My skin has stopped drying up, there's no more bumps and the red marks are slowly going away. On a side note, if my skin continues like this, I probably won't need to update this thing anymore, unless there's any significant changes. I'm just so glad to have clear skin again. I recall last time I was on Accutane and it took many months
  10. Week 10 - Still here... --------- Last week was awesome. I had a birthday party to go to in the city and my skin was looking clear and clean. It was like my skin knew what was coming up and gave me a break for the night. (Or maybe it was the Accutane doing its thing?) Anyway, I had an awesome time, got lots of female attention and it just goes to remind me how much self-confidence I actually have when my skin is looking good. However, I did smoke, drink and eat a bit of junk so let's see if it
  11. Week 9 Well last week was slightly bizarre. Firstly, I had the first minor breakout I've had in two weeks and it unfortunately lasted most of the week. It initially started with around 5 active zits on the (once clear) left side of my face. I also recieved a couple of small whiteheads on the bottom right of my face. I put this down to three possible reasons: 1. Shaving - I had shaved earlier in the week and perhaps this aggravated the lesions as I'm sure this has been a cause in the past. 2. C
  12. As stated I am very vain about myself. Insecurity issues. Thanks for the comment though :D Yeah dude I can totally relate I'm exactly the same.