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  1. Yes I've been doing that. ;-) I always put Queen Helene's Mint Julep Mask before I go to bed now and I haven't broke out at all, and my skin has really healed up nicely from all the red marks I use to have.
  2. I noticed I always break out on the right side of my face.. never the left. So anyway I decided to sleep on the left side of my face to see what happens, and what'dya know, my whole left side breaks out. I wash my pillow cases daily, I never sleep on the same pillowcase twice. So I don't know what could be causing it? Maybe the laundry detergent I use or something? Anyone know?
  3. Just wanted to say you are really beautiful! And don't worry, you're gonna grow out of it. So many models and famous actresses today went through the same thing you're going through. It's gonna be okay in the end. ;-)
  4. Well I am not breaking out on my cheeks at all anymore. It's just my forehead! And luckily in the past 2 weeks I've maybe only gotten 3 bumps. Compared to 12 bumps in 2 weeks like I was getting before. I always used Retin-A Micro .025% every time I've used it (2005, 2006, 2008).. and just a month ago it was raised to 0.1% and ever since then my skin hasn't been breaking out as bad anymore. So maybe it is working after all?
  5. I am SO PISSED. Okay, so I got on Retin-A Micro in 2005.. and in 4 months my skin was like plastic. Not a bump or pore in sight. I eventually got off of it for some stupid reason, and started having horrible acne again. Then in 2006, I once again got on it. Skin cleared up in 3 months. Perfect once again! Then my parents said they couldn't afford it any more, so I was forced to quit. Now in 2008, I am living on my own and I can afford it by myself, and I decided I was not gonna stop this time.
  6. I know this thread is kinda stupid, but I'm kinda stupid when it comes to anything with numbers. So which one is strongest? Thanks! =)
  7. I had a few breakouts on my forehead recently after not using Bump Patrol for a few weeks and I was really worried because I had worked so hard to get my skin perfect, and then comes along these 4 or 5 pimples to mess up the beautiful canvas. But to my surprise, the product that I've been using to keep my skin CLEAR (not one pimple when I use it), also has nearly removed all the red marks from my face. It's a blessing!! But... it is VERY, VERY, VERY strong stuff. I have to put the Bump Patrol o
  8. The only reason you get a breakout is because it is opening back up the scars and letting all the fluids drain out. It has to be done to achieve non-scarred skin.
  9. I used it a year ago.. and I was completely clear with no red marks or scars.. it was absolutely wonderful. But then I got lazy & dumb and stopped using it, and I slowly started breaking out again. So now I'm going back on it & although I'll have to go through the horrid IB.. it's totally worth it. Although this time, once I get clear with the RAM, I am going to switch to Green Cream Level 9 which will keep up a nice maintenance, but without the irritation & redness many people get
  10. Ugh I know how you feel.. You read all up about the IB & how bad it's gonna be and you feel prepared, but once the IB happens.. it is so devestating & hard to deal with. I'm afraid they're gonna leave me with scars. I heard if you apply it 3 times a day, the IB will be horrible, but it will come along alot faster, which for me would be alot easier. Good luck!! (oh yeah, and it will get better)
  11. This stuff is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!! Already 2 days into using it, my red marks and hyperpigmentation have improved atleast 20%.. my Mom even complimented on how everything is finally fading and my skin looks like a "human being's" instead of a dinosaur.. hahaha. (all in good fun, of course) I use MaMa Lotion.. good stuff, I will purchase this stuff for the rest of my life. That & Green Cream = Eternal Youth.
  12. It cleared up my minor scarring within 2 weeks. And I'm not kuldeep.