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  1. Well after several monthes of no period. I just spotted and spotted and had horrible sharp pains in my left lower side under my ribs. Then last week I had a horrible heavy period with nasty blood clots, cramping. Just this past week I had a HORRIBLE heavy period. I would have to change every hour. And, to top it off I had an accident at work! I had to walk around with a mess on my pants(luckily I was wearing black pants..but still I am sure you could kinda tell..) My question to you girls is,
  2. One word: Ice! And gentley massage over the hurting area whatever you use to kill those pesky pimples with.
  3. Taking 2,000 mg's of Borage oil, 100 mg's of Letchin really cleared my face up. I would also advise for you to ask your doctor about Cephaxlin for couple of weeks. That really gets down those pesky papules, pustules. Mean while topically applying Hydrocorstione 1%with Fucidin cream together in one. Taking both these things together really really did wonders for me. Pm me if you have any questions and or concerns.
  4. red marks are a bitch.. They are more stubborn then the zits themselves!
  5. Hey Betty-Boop did Green Cream cause you any IB's at first? If so, how long did it take to clear up. Where can I find this? Thanks
  6. My family and I are obsessed with oil of oregano, lol. Its the best thing ever, we all swear by it. It kills off and keeps colds, flues away. It also killed my wart, calluses it left behind. It also takes away my cold sores(I haven't got one in the longgest time thanks to this oil) AND it kills zits over night! This is some good shit.
  7. I don't think that these little clear white bumps "always" end up to big red zits. I am pretty sure there just clogged pores. I have had few of these stubborn buggers for monthes and monthes. I am currently 100% clear. Thanks to Borage oil, Letchin, Derma E cream. Cept for these buggers! I got a couple here and there of them along my jaw. But I am scared to use retionds for my face. Because I don't want to deal with any more IB's. No...thank you.
  8. I have those too. There most likely clogged pores.
  9. I don't really have nails..lol. But I DO get itchs on my face, and I can't help but scarth them. I just can't, sometimes. I am sure a little scarth here and there won't give you acne. Y'know why?..because ALL my friends, and everyone I know(cuz I asked) touch there face and they "don't" get pimples from it. Example: They rest, touch, scarth their forehead(where they do get zits sometimes, but clear after a certain yr..And they still TOUCH there faces, and no acne there, whatsoever.) I don't
  10. Yeah I could never find that neosporin cream I was told to get..I couldn't find this either in my grocerry store. But I really want to get it! As I can't use "hydro-cortisone cream" always. Fucidin cream seems to be working good though.. Thanks
  11. I used that too...And like DTA said it gave me ezema on my face. And made my face look like a statue..I hate the texture of it, it feels like mushing acid on the face..I wouldn't reccomend it. But for bacne it seems to be very good. If your face is very oily, then this is for you. If not...don't bother. Some derms don't know what there doing. I never take there advice on cleansers(cuz there always wayyy to drying!)
  12. I find the worst ones are the zits that are right across from your eye on the bone near the end of your eye-brow..Those suckers are PAINFULL.
  13. Same here..I had a sever reaction to it. Soooooo uncomfortable, painfull!
  14. Me and you are in the same boat...After only three nights of using "Benzamycin gel" my entire face swelled up. Its very tender to the touch..feeling bruised. As well it stinged like hell! And itched sooooo bad after I applided it on my face! And once I moisterised it BURNT. I mean it felt hot to the touch..And just everything! I talked to my doctor and he told me I have a serious allergy to either the BP or the erthomycin..And that it got infected.. Which now leads to me being on "Cepahlixn" t
  15. Okay my face swelled up 10x worse then yesterday. I am in so much pain...it aches and hurts so much. I am clearly allergic to the gel, so i have stopped using it..for now anyways. Untill I rule some things out. I look like I am wearing a fat suit on my face..(you know those rubber masks comedinas wear to make people look fat)..My bf visted me, and told me: "Your face is all swollen up...aw" My sister calls me chubby bunny..