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    Guitar, Old classic movies & music, Jimi Hendrix, 12 string guitars, traveling (but i have not done that in a while), & fitness (but i also haven't done that in a long time)

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  1. I want to find something similar to Dan's Cleanser but in my local walgreens Anyone know a different type of cleanser, similar to the one in the regimen.
  2. Well does it work lol Alot of people told me about rice water but i'm scared to try it
  3. Okay I wouldn't kill a man To be honest i kinda like the fact that I have acne ^ Having acne has humbled me down, so that's a good thing for me!
  4. Well folks, this comment here explains a lot ^^^^ No use arguing with someone like this. Better off reporting him and moving on. it's my opinion, my freedom of expression on the internet Its funny if someone agrees with homos getting married no one jumps, but if someone disagrees same sex marriage all hell breaks loose.
  5. Yeah, it would be weird and fun. But it'd be special! Lol females would meet up with others guys to pick up girls or guys????
  6. Is anyone coming ? it's 11:01 Lol knew this was going to happen
  7. Looks like imma be the only one going to mall lmao ;)))))

  8. If I lived closer I'd be down for this...simply because I think it would be fun and it would be like an adventure just to get out there and make the effort (especially if you have friends supporting you who know exactly how annoying and frustrating life with acne can be) I'm about 3 hours away from you in WV, lol Lol bro thanks i know you would come. Hey Guys!!! tomorrow someone tell me they are near the area I'm trying to pick up chicks, need a wing man. Saturday (3/1/14)@ Lehigh Valley
  9. Hey you guys!! Let's pick up some girls lmao Let's have a meet up this Saturday (3/1/14)@ Lehigh Valley Mall (Address: 250 Lehigh Valley Mall, Whitehall, PA 18052) 2:00pm Anyone who lives around the area come thru and let's all have an attempt to pick up some girls. Lmao idk where you guys are from but probably nobody would show up but hey it's worth a try. Anyone down???lol
  10. Completely agree on the family part and when it backfires Yeah leadingforce i know the feeling, just pull them to a separate room and tell them :0
  11. Yeah, and yes but that's why you have the moisturizer, the BP causes dryness to the skin aswell, i have no clue i don't keep count anymore lol, well alot of things look at some forums on the the regimen. Anymore questions? lol
  12. Lol..I feel like confidence plays the biggest role when it comes to females. Looks doesn't really matter as all as you feel confident about yourself. Talk with a clear firm voice and look presentable(smell good and look good i guess). I've seen plenty ugly guys with pretty girls and i would be shocked, but i am assuming its all about having game and confidence*** So if you still feel low about yourself and you have no confidence just remember girls are really people too, they poop like us me
  13. You can use witch hazel and dab it on with a cotton ball. It's for the face and body..... so yeah.
  14. Dan's the Regimen To be honest i've been hearing alot of bad things about it lately but imma stick with it for a little Some people have success with it, so i'm keeping my hopes up high