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  1. so i've read some places that protein shakes are bad......what's everyone’s opinion on that? and if they are bad, why?? is it just if they have a lot of added sugar? or is it something else? i'm trying to gain more muscle and think that protein shakes would definitely help, but i don’t wanna take one if its gonna screw up my face even more. thanx!
  2. western society is getting too metrosexual anyway?!? obviously you haven't been outside the US much...go to central or south america, go to anywhere in europe...they are MUCH more metrosexual than males within the US. walls need to be built back up?!? why??? are you some crazy conservative or something? whats wrong with a guy wanting to cover up his acne. how is it aint fair for some guys to wear makeup?? noones stopping you from doing it. and why all or none? does everyone have to conform
  3. i sure as hell hope not...i dont think they do, but honestly i have no reasearch to back that up. my take on it is that not all fatty foods are bad...like virgin olive oil is fatty but it is good for you. same w/ coconut and flaxseed oil. i eat raw walnuts every day. my advice would be that nuts are fine as long as they are raw (but like i said- im not sure. they dont break me out tho)
  4. does the Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion have sunscreen in it? if not, what is a good mosturizer w/ sunscreen in it?? thanks!
  5. forrelli

    Oily Skin

    try showering only once a day. you should see results after a couple weeks.
  6. ok, so just to clarify: if we dont have the symptoms of celiac disease that you described, then we most likley don't have the disease and therefore there is no need to avoid gluten or wheat products. am i correct?
  7. a while ago i read on here that alotta people avoid wheat gluten and if i remeber correctly it was b/c gluten can worsen acne, but it only seemed to for ppl who had a certain "type" of acne. is that right? or is it bad for acne prone ppl in general? and why? i basically live off wheat products. they are the most important part of our diet, have the good carbs we need, and lots of fiber. i dont understand why alotta ppl are going to adkins type diets b/c of their acne.... it seems unhealth
  8. i've also read a lot about the no breakfast plan. but personally i cant bring myself to do it. i just dont function well without it...and who even knows if it will help stop acne. i eat a bowl of cerial or oatmeal and soymilk every morning.
  9. are you kidding? b/c that is complete bull shit. anyways masturbation causes hormones that can cause increased oil production which can in turn cause acne.
  10. hey just wondering- does alcohol cause ppl to break out? i drank a lot all throughout last year and had bad acne and stopped drinking about 10 monthes ago and didnt notice much of a difference. my acne has gotten better (mostly in the past 3 monthes) since then but thats just b/c of the more intense treatments i've had (i think). but i just read another post saying that alcohol can cause acne. just wanted to hear some other ppl's take on it. i guess the alcohol could have caused my acne, b/
  11. forrelli

    Oily Skin

    i used to have REALLY oily skin all over, now i just have mildly oily skin on my nose. here's my advise: shower once a day (at night!)- it took a lotta guts to do this b/c before that i washed twice a day and if i didnt i would feel soooo dirty, hell, even when i did wash twice a day i felt dirty. when you first start doing this you will get a lil more oily at first, but its all worth it in the end. i promise mosturize after putting on whatever creme you use (after you shower)- you need to, y
  12. if a "head" shows up and its just a big pimple, leave it be. but if its still a cyst, go get another shot.
  13. Olay Complete UV Protective Moisture Lotion SPF 15 anyone? thats what i use. works pretty well, i've never had any problems with it and used it for about 10 monthes. but i just ran out...maybe ill try one of the three you suggested.
  14. hey, so i have been using sheer cover mineral makeups for a lil while now, and like it for the most part. whenever i wear it, i feel more confident b/c the redness and blackheads are not visable..but at the same time im freak out b/c i think that ppl are going to notice that im wearing makeup (which is not good since i am a guy). basically the only area that the makeup is noticalbe is on my cheeks b/c i have enlarged pores there and w/ the makeup it just looks unnatural...and i have a cyst on
  15. ya, mine worked (i think). i mean, if you touch where it was, you can still feel it under the skin, but you cant tell its there when you look at it, even if you are really looking for it. and its been a while since i got that second one so i dont think its gonna come back up, but it does still feel hard when you touch where it was/is. and i have to go back next week for to get another shot on some areas of my face that didnt get rid of the cyst after the first shot......so far no "dents" so h