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  1. I saw a private derm, who then referred me to an NHS derm who specialises in acne. She is based in N Yorkshire so a little too far for you. I had tried everything bar roaccutane, with no real results. My main issue was too much oil. The spironolactone has worked wonders for me so far. Can you ask your GP for a referral to a derm on NHS? I believe that nowadays you can choose the location and/or consultant so with a bit of research you could make a good choice and avoid paying privately..
  2. Maggie - the thing that worked best for me over the years is the combined oral contraceptive pill. Dianette was the best for me. I could have the oilest skin ever, but within 3 weeks of taking this it dried right up. I can't take it any more as am old, and have health conditions which mean i shouldn't take it - but it really does the job. Have you considered asking about this path first?
  3. Different things work for different people. The best for me is Dianette. Clears me up a treat. Unfortunately I shouldn't take it due to health concerns - but it really does the job. Have you discussed trying this with your GP? If no joy at the GP get a referral to Dermatology.
  4. I went to see a dermatologist privately to enquire about Accutane. My acne isn't too bad, just persistent (I am now in my 40s). Managed to get the private appointment fairly quickly - it depends on where you live and what is available. My first consultation cost £200 or so. i was in there about 40 minutes - my follow up appointment was a little shorter and was just over £100 or so. It turns out that for me, Accutane isn't the answer - so the Private Derm referred me back to my ow
  5. Does it itch/burn? It sounds like perioral dermatitis to me. The only thing which clears mine up is antibiotics - but it takes a 3 month course. I used to go to the GP who would have a look, umm and ahh and not really know what it was. She would prescribe antibiotics, but only a weeks worth at a time. Which didn't do it. I eventually got referred to a consultant dermatologist at the hospital - who confirmed what it was - and said that it requires a 3 month course of daily Lymecycli
  6. I find it very heavy. So yes, it could be too much for your face. I bought a twin pack of large bottles- so have taken to using it on my legs instead.
  7. Wishing you success Astarte. upon first reading your op - I knew that you were from the UK. The doctors dicking around - and not referring you to derm sooner. Gah. Please keep updating and let everyone know how you get on.
  8. Hi I am quite new to this forum - it has been quite useful reading up on other people's experiences and issues. I live in the UK - am 46 years old ( I do NOT know how I got so old!) . Have suffered with mild- moderate acne since been a teenager. I would visit the GP to be fobbed off with antibiotics - various types. When I got to late teens I went on the combined oral contraceptive pill The acne was much more manageable then. Unfortunately I developed a dvt - I do have a blood clo
  9. Hi Kim I am new to the forum, and am avidly reading through everyone's experiences of Accutane. Sounds like you are seeing some improvements - here's to totally clear skin
  10. Hey Jess Enjoying your blog so far. It sounds like something is happening for you. I haven't been on Accutane - but feel like I need to, so am watching and learning first.. Good luck and here's to your success.