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Blog Comments posted by Abhishek17

  1. Ashley, Thank God every time with what you got !!

    I will tell you scenario which changed my perception towards life and I am sure you will think you have everything in life. Do not waste human life by crying !

    One of my friend met with accident and he lost both his legs and hands in it. You wont believe but i could not had guts to even face him.

    I met him after 6 months and I was shocked. He was laughing so loud. I have neever seen anyone so happy before.

    I asked myself either he is drunk or he is mad. This person do not have both legs and hands and how can he smile..

    I told him i feel very sorry for him..He told me not to sympathize at all !!

    I asked him why are you laughing and so happy ?


    Hope you got my point ? You and Us got everything. then also we do not cherish what we have.

    Acne will be over soon my dear. This golden time of your time will never come back

    If person without 2 hands and legs can smile,,,we can smile and thank god for what we got..

    I had soooooo bad acne but i do not have pimple now for 5 years...not even 1 pimple..this is ager where you will face acne..

    Have patience, there is treatment for it..but word depression do not suit !!

    Get out of your room, see sky, feel fresh air and tell yourself "I am lovely ""

  2. Brother, one of my friend do not have both hands and legs..I have never seem him depressed or cry for 1 second

    He cherish what he have "Human Life "

    I know its stressful and i personally have faced it. Please suggest you to first of thank god that you are physically fine .

    You just have acne problem which can be easily cured.. So get out of your room. You were not born to be confined in that room

    Use Regimen products, they will work for you and if anyone is staring at you..You stare back man !!

    It is your life..Live your life your way rather than how people want you to live...

    No space of depression..Talk to your parents ..If you are above 18 and cannot afford Regimen ,let me know. I will order it for you.

    But please do not use word depressed next time. If you are below 18, talk to your parents and tell them what you are saying here..They are not your enemies, they will understand and if you are above 18 and cannot afford Regimen, leave me message and your complete address

    I will order it for you.

    Common man..I also had extreme Acne..but had so many Gf's :)

    Go out..Girls look for brain and not beauty ;) Build up your personality.

    I remember i had 23 pimples on my face at one time and i still used to do everything i want..


    not to forget make Gf's :)

  3. Jajoba oil is best. Blindly use it. I do not know how can anyone not recommend Jajoba oil

    You call Dan and he will tell you to use it blindly. I am using it and it is best

    Go for it !! Add 2 drops in day time and 6 drops as it have shining effect on face

  4. My friend,

    Worse thing is to compare..Please do not compare urself with anyone. God have made us unique in sense your figer print wont match anyone else in world so how you expect your skin to be same like all people.

    Be happy with what you have. In this age,it is so normal for all this but i think you think too much about all this,take stress which will do nothing but will make it worse.

    Plase relax..Meditate more.

    Be postiive and do not make ACNE become so huge issue in life..It is part of life and you handle it accordingly.

    I took accutane ( Isotret capsules ), Now i am using regiment..I do not have pimples or acne for 1 yr or so but i am still using to make sure i do not have in future..

    Remember clear skin is possible when ur thinking is also clear..

    Those girls you mentioning might have some other issues, you just do not know about it.

    My 1 friend lost both his hands in accident, i have never seen him cry or depressed ever..He cherishes whatever he have..At least he is alive..

    If people like them can smile and live..You have everything my friend..

    Life is too precious..Do not make ACNE over come it.

    Do not think about it, just give it time..You will see you will become less obssessed about it.

    I think you are obsessed about ACNE etc

    I faced acne from 16 -22 in age and i know it can take toll on your mind but you cannot have everytihng perfect

  5. What will you get being depressed ? Nothing..Stress will make thins worse.

    First of relax and tell yourself "I will get rid of it though it might take time ""

    See face of ur 4 yr old child when u feel low and smile on child's face will kick ur sadness.

    Try using regiment of this website and AHA +

    Drink lot of water..Be hygienic and further do not use so much products..Use 1 product and stick to it.

    I just want to tell you that my friend have both hands chopped off in accident..He have no hands..We may become sad sometime seeing him like this but i have never seen him DEPRESSED or SAD !!

    He say "I am glad at least i am alive, things could have been worse and i would have died ""

    Life is very precious..Acne is small part of it..Do not make it become so big..

    Give it time and think positive...