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  1. I just got my order but i could not find expiry date on 16 OZ bottle of Cleanser ? Can anyone tell me their expiry limit Also same of Jajoba oil. You reply will be appreciated.
  2. Abhishek17

    Products I am also using

    Please be careful. I have used this and it burnt my skin. This is hard for skin. Hydrate your skin more. Just giving you advice from my experience. take care.
  3. Hello Friends,I am one of those people who takes lot of stress. Stress can be due to anything:1) Personal life issues2) Professional issuesLet me tell you What i am. I am normal person but acne made me hide myself from whole community. I was so horrified that i do not used to go out for weeks fearing how people will react people seeing me I did not saw mirror for 1 year+. My face always used to be down and i used to cap to hide anything i can.My family supported me a lot and prompted me to go ou
  4. Abhishek17

    Expiry of 16 oz bottle

    Thank you so much for replying. This information is very helpful.
  5. Abhishek17

    Expiry of 16 oz bottle

    Hello Everyone, Happy New Year 2017 to all of you. I just ordered 16 oz bottle of Cleaner, Moisturizer , BP and AHA+ I am from India so i ordered in Bulk because it saves shipment Can you please let me know how can i find expiry date on 16 oz bottle of above mentioned products. I used to use only these products but my insanity leads me to Clinique. They did not asked me anything. It was my decision. When i was using acne.org products ,i did not had single breakout. Believe me i have s
  6. Abhishek17

    New/ Depressed :(

    Ashley, Thank God every time with what you got !! I will tell you scenario which changed my perception towards life and I am sure you will think you have everything in life. Do not waste human life by crying ! One of my friend met with accident and he lost both his legs and hands in it. You wont believe but i could not had guts to even face him. I met him after 6 months and I was shocked. He was laughing so loud. I have neever seen anyone so happy before. I asked myself either h
  7. Abhishek17


    Brother, one of my friend do not have both hands and legs..I have never seem him depressed or cry for 1 second He cherish what he have "Human Life " I know its stressful and i personally have faced it. Please suggest you to first of thank god that you are physically fine . You just have acne problem which can be easily cured.. So get out of your room. You were not born to be confined in that room Use Regimen products, they will work for you and if anyone is staring at you..You s
  8. I started using Regimen from Jan 12,2014 so it is almost 2 months now I wash my face with its cleanser as mentioned..If you want to fight with your face its different thing Be gentle while washing face.. I have no pimple problem for 6 months or so. I am taking accutane 40 Mg per day and i have to take it for 3 months more. I use this cream in day time called KOJIGLO Gel. Believe me my dermatologist is best in India ( I cannot reveal his name ) He charges amount like $ 100/v
  9. Abhishek17

    Some of my pics !

    I will start from 1 year hence where i had no issue,no acne,no blemishes only scars but then i started with laser and LA roche Posay.. I was so so angry at myself for experimenting with these so damn expensive products..They are rubbish.. mage 00396 -- I never had pimples but i had rashes and marks on my face due to reactions from other treatment. This image is of 28th Dec,2013 Image 00397 -- Another side, this is photo of 28 Dec,2013..You can see blemishes and red rashes Now images are af
  10. Abhishek17

    Aha+, Initial Dryness/flaking?

    AHA + if used along with BP is best thing to happen to your skin. It have tinching sensation. If you wish to use it every night like i do, then pump 1 of AHA and 1 pump of moisturizer . IF YOU CAN ADD 6 DROPS OF JAJOBA OIL AT NIGHT TO MOISTURIZER,IT WILL BE MORE BENEFICIAL I am using same for 1.5 month and people who see me now ask me what i am using as it clear my skin so so much and glow to face. Any doubt, leave me message. I will be happy to reply to you.
  11. Abhishek17

    Some Advise

    Jajoba oil is best. Blindly use it. I do not know how can anyone not recommend Jajoba oil You call Dan and he will tell you to use it blindly. I am using it and it is best Go for it !! Add 2 drops in day time and 6 drops as it have shining effect on face
  12. Abhishek17

    What's The Right Amount Of Aha

    Please use 1 pump of AHA+ and 1 pump of Moisturizer . Add 2-3 drops of Jajoba oil. Moisturizer and Jajoba oil make sure that your skin is moisturized. AHA + is best and you can use it blindly. It stings a bit but that is when it is working. I am using it for 1 month now and not faced issue 1 second !! Morning : Wash with Cleanser + 2 pump of BP + 1 pump of moisturizer ( My skin do not become irritated on BP and as summer approaches here in india i will not use moisturizer with BP )
  13. Abhishek17

    Day 88

    My friend, Worse thing is to compare..Please do not compare urself with anyone. God have made us unique in sense your figer print wont match anyone else in world so how you expect your skin to be same like all people. Be happy with what you have. In this age,it is so normal for all this but i think you think too much about all this,take stress which will do nothing but will make it worse. Plase relax..Meditate more. Be postiive and do not make ACNE become so huge issue in life..It
  14. Abhishek17


    What will you get being depressed ? Nothing..Stress will make thins worse. First of relax and tell yourself "I will get rid of it though it might take time "" See face of ur 4 yr old child when u feel low and smile on child's face will kick ur sadness. Try using regiment of this website and AHA + Drink lot of water..Be hygienic and further do not use so much products..Use 1 product and stick to it. I just want to tell you that my friend have both hands chopped off in accident
  15. Abhishek17

    Regiment Is Magic ! Be Positive

    Hello Friends, My name is Abhishek. I had acne in my teen..It was war of acne on my face I took ISOTRET capsules and with time it passed away but it left marks and fragile skin. Let me tell you, I have tried everything in this planet for my skin and i was never satisfied.I can afford even $ 1000 product without any thinking. I saw this website on Youtube and called Dan. I told that i do not have acne anymore but have acne marks or uneasy skin. First good thing about this we