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  1. Thanks All for your comments--very helpful. Last night I exfloiated and use antibiotic cream over my face-seems to help. I did remove about two plugs last night that were getting WAY too big..this morning, they're healing nicely-not much redness (I took extra precautions so I didn't irritate my skin more and use proper equip.) and I did leave the little babies alone........I'm giving them time. Thanks for all your suggestions. I know everyone says "don't touch your face" That's so much harder
  2. Hey All, I'm finally getting fed up with what appear to be tiny (I have about 4) whiteheads on the side of my upper lip (technically ON my lip but just near the edges). I don't know how to get rid of these suckers--sometimes I steam my face and can "pop" them open--white plug. I don't want to pop them because it hurts and it will be mad red....Anyone have anything similiar? Can anyone rec. something? BP isn't doing much. Thanks All!
  3. What a great idea---Especially if you're like me--where one zit gets lonely and the next morning, brings three friends to give me extra companions. For me, zits tend to travel together----- *sigh* I like this idea though, I shall try it myself.
  4. I know of this makeup--that is, if we're talking about the same thing (I think we are). I know only b/c of a friend who suffered severe burns. It's one of those things you have to try is my advice. No makeup is going to cover up any deep seated marks and all the usualy holes/dents that can appear on the face. I can tell you that it works very well for reddness----however, if your skin is dry; it might look flaky. Plus, these intense concealors/makeups might clogg your pores......regardless of
  5. There are things that will help but time is really your "friend." I had the absolute WORSE acne on my back for years and years-the kind of stuff that peels, medicine and antibiotics couldn't cure. Though I just never showed anyone my back, nothing seemed to help. About a two years ago, I stopped breaking out (for no apparent reason) and then was left with all that nasty scarring that it does to you. I tried everything for scars but then just decided I couldn't afford to keep investing in this