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  1. Days 53-70: All of my active acne has gone and all I have now are marks. Will update with a picture soonish.
  2. Yeah! Continues to improve. My acne has definitely gone down, but my lips have gotten dryer and dryer. If anyone knows any secret lip moisturising products, that'd be cool.
  3. Hope it's going well, anand00123! Days 47-53: Not really any visible improvement, but it's aslow process I guess. Will post once something actually happens!
  4. Days 44-6: Skin continues to get better
  5. Day 43: Managed to get another appointment quite quickly, so no worries there. As you can see from the attachment, I'm fairly dry, but no-where near where as spotty as my initial picture. Nil points for lighting.
  6. Days 38-42: I've got a fairly hefty spot, but it's fading really quickly. My hospital has forgotten to book me a second consultation for my next lot of pills, so I had a shout at them today and hope I'll manage to get seen before my pills run out in 5 days time. I am no longer very dry at all, so I think my body might have become used to the stuff.
  7. Hi! Yeah, it's the Alexandra Palace. I don't know when my dose increase will be, but the bloods are done, so I'll try and see when my appointment is on Monday! I'll be happy if I can get it doubled to 60mg. I just want the acne gone before it gets sunny. Day 38: No change
  8. Days 36-7: For now, I can exfoliate to get rid of all the flakes, then cleanse to get rid of all the oils I've scrubbed out of the skin and then rub a heap a moisturiser in for five minutes. It appears to be working. I feel a little happier about my skin, the redness is further going down. Also I went to the Ally Pally which was good.
  9. Story of my life. Day 35: I slept with my face absolutely covered in Cetraben. Woke up dry still, I'll try exfoliate with some of that stuff you were on about Smallguy and see if it'll take off all those flakes, thanks! Had my bloods today and I have 12 more sets of pills left, will see if my dosage changes. Hopefully it can go up!
  10. Glad to hear it's going well for you man! Hope my acne goes the same way soon Days 33-4: Red all over face. Can't open mouth properly due to scabbing. Was given some Cetreben today by the doctor and it sort of helps in that it makes all the dead stuff soft. I may still have to find a way to exfoliate and get rid of all the flakes hough. Bloods tomorrow!
  11. Days 29-32: Despite looking okay a few days ago, I think I'm having a not-very-initial-at-all-breakout. I thought I'd escaped it! My face is coming out in spots: not any nasty cystic ones, but blotchy inflammatory ones. They're appearing all over my legs too. I'm trying to convince myself that it's just my skin purging all the gunk, but it's pretty dreadful. I've been solving the lip situation by putting moisturiser on it, and then using lip balm to sort of stick it down.
  12. Days 26-28: It now hurts to apply moisturiser to my lips, they're definitely getting worse and are attracting worried looks from people. My face is covered in white dead skin and I look disgusting. Blackheads are going and and I no longer come out in whiteheads. It's just the inflamed red bits that have yet to go, but I think that'll only happen when I go up in dosage. My skin is going from pale to an angry red. Not so much from the acne, but just from all the irritation of dead skin/
  13. Yeah, you'll have absolutely no problems with the gym whatsoever while on it. Some people complain of lower back pain and I suppose I can feel it a little more after squats or deadlifts but I don't think you'll have any problems at all with football. In terms of how often I go, I like to weight-lift three days a week, run on a forth and go fencing on a fifth. I've heard the washing thing too, but not showering just sounds plain awful. Although, be careful about shampooing every day. I've not p
  14. Hi, I've been on Roaccutane for a little over three weeks now and I've had no initial breakout. I did continue to get acne like usual for the first few days, but once it's in your system I've found that the acne pretty much starts to grind to a halt. Your body will start to push out all your blackheads though so be prepared for that (I used pore strips, but I don't know if everyone's skin can take the adhesive on the drug). Definitely moisturise all the time to avoid looking like a shedding sn
  15. Days 21-25: My skin has finally gone the dry I expected. I flake, look as pale as anything, no moisturiser can help me and it is glorious. My pores are tighter, so I couldn't initially squeeze the blackheads out, however using a pore strip after a really nice hot shower made me look a lot better. It was disgusting, but satisfying in a morbid kind of way (@Lalaland, definitely consider this if you think your skin can handle the adhesive, just don't look at the strip after you've used it). My bott