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  1. I used to love the Olay All Day Moisture Lotion SPF 15 til they changed the formula from Zinc Oxide to Avobenzone which irritates my skin. Luckily my grandmother still has an unused Olay with the Zinc Oxide formula.. However, I just noticed that the expiration date was on December 2009. I thought why not, it's just 5 months past the expiration date. So do you guys think I can still use this? I really really need a moisturizer and this is really the best one that I've tried! TIA!
  2. I just read from page 1 and I cant believe people are just treating it externally. You SHOULD also treat it internally. Starve the yeasts and you will most likely kill those malassezia yeasts on your face. Eat alkalizing foods, stop eating those sugars (just google the rest). I really think it's BS whenever I hear SD's are not curable. Doctors want you to believe that so you'll keep coming back paying more and buy those prescription medications. You will never hear from a dermatologist that diet
  3. That's what I read too. Interesting replies guys. To tell you the truth Im not that agreeing on the study yet, Im just looking at the possibility. And honestly Im still taking my daily supplement regimen such as zinc, garlic, vitamin D, C.. Hmm interesting. Though what does the P.acne's irritating by-products release? Never heard of that before. That's what I read too. Interesting replies guys. To tell you the truth Im not that agreeing on the study yet, Im just looki
  4. Why would you state this as fact when you have absolutely no idea. Obviously if you have an allergy to any particular food your body is going to try and rid itself of this food, but it will "attack the body" during this process and the severity depends upon the degree to which your immune system considers it a threat. Ever heard of "silent inflammation"? Yes, part of this is my own theory but I'm always open to others opinions and as I've stated it is working, for me at least. The problem is
  5. Well you may be correct. But the question still remains, does have a strong immune lead to autoimmunity? Let's not just dump this right away guys. Remember what dermatologists and greedy pharmaceutical companies always say? Foods such as chocolates, fatty foods, blah blah blah doesn't cause acne. We know it's complete BS, they do it for profit and for us to keep visiting derms and keep buying anti-acne topicals. It may also be possible in this case, pharmaceutical companies wants us to streng
  6. LOL! I searched Jon Barron, the one conducted the study, on Google and surprisingly, he isn't an ordinary person at all. He conducted several studies regarding diabetes, etc.
  7. Bump! You guys really have no idea about this huh...
  8. Ok this is really confusing. Some say we have to have a strong immune system to fight off the infections, bacterias, etc. But according to this website http://www.curezone.com/forums/fm.asp?i=1092148 having a strong immune system can also lead to autoimmunity.
  9. I read that most mineral supplements, specifically zinc, cant be absorbed by our bodies well. I read that zinc picolinate is the best form to take. BUT I also read that chelated zinc is just as good or even better because of the amino acids. So which is really better? tnx!
  10. You get vitamin D when you're exposed to sunlight. So supplementing with vitamin D is a good idea. Take 1,000 to 4,000 I.U.
  11. oh ok. how bout this brand? http://www.gnc.com/product/index.jsp?produ...rentPage=family what brand are you using btw?
  12. So if I chew those tablets like you do I would be ok with the tablet form? tnx. Anymore inputs guys?
  13. I was about to buy vitamin D supplements when I noticed there were 2 kinds of vitamin D. One was tablet and the other is softgel. Is there a difference between the two? What should I get? thanks!
  14. Many many thanks for posting this. I really appreciate it.
  15. hey LiliVG, what's cayenne? and is it better to take that than the ACV to increase the HCL? thanks!
  16. lol @ the post above. It's not even a study. People claiming that their oil has reduced when they stopped drying out their skin should test by using a sebutape. It's the only, and ONLY way to to be absolutely sure that your oil has indeed decreased. Otherwise your claims AREN'T conclusive.
  17. That's a good idea! I'll have my allergies tested ASAP and might even ask them to try fish just to double check Im not allergic to it.
  18. The problem is my face gets a little itchy about an hour later after taking fish oil supps. Now I know that the fish oil itself doesn't cause that coz Im not allergic to fish. Right now Im thinking it might be the soy that's making me itch. Have any idea how much grams of soy Im getting with those softgel supplements? (like 6 of those).
  19. Even with such a small amount?? oh no... Cant find a fish oil in liquid form in our country and online is not an option for me. bummer...
  20. Speaking of soy, can the soy that makes up a softgel (such as fish oil softgels) have any effect? Like taking 6 softgels a day? or the amount of soy mixed in it are too low to cause a problem? thanks!
  21. By omega 3, that means you need EPA/DHA at around 2-3 grams. So if your EPA contain 300mg and DHA 200mg, 1 capsule contain 500mg EPA/DHA. So you need 4 capsules in order to get 2 grams of omega 3.
  22. Hey thanks. But the problem is EPO only contains 50mg of GLA and borage 240mg GLA. And both have a huge amounts of linoleic acid at roughly 360mg (I also have to take a lot of capsules per day). So is the LA in it good or bad? Guys I need more answers! :)